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Monday, October 22, 2012

We made it to Winchester, Virginia!!

A Huge Monument with Lincoln to the left
  What a lovely day in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We went off the beaten path to show Mom Gettysburg. She  said she always wanted to see places she had read about in history books. We got a "little" lost once we got there, but were able to find our way to Pickett's Charge and Little Round Top. Mom got see many of the monuments commemorating the soldiers at Gettysburg.

A moving tribute

Reading about Culp's Hill
We did the autotour and got out at a few of the monuments. Mom was really impressed with the monuments at the site of the Little Round Top battle. It is very moving.
Looking down from Little Round Top

Information of the Battle

General Warren surveying the scene forever

We were at Gettysburg for about two hours and then headed towards Virginia after a wonderful meal at Perkins outside Gettysburg. I forget to take a picture of our meal; sorry Mark. It was turkey, potato, stuffing, and cranberry sauce: a prelude to Thanksgiving. It was so good we are not having any dinner tonight. Although Mom bought a pumpkin muffing at Perkins. I think that might be gone tonight.
  We are heading out in the morning towards Florida. We hope to stop in Verona, Va. at an antique store we stopped at last time we drove to Florida. I think Mom will like it.
    Right now we are resting in Winchester, Va for the rest of the trip. Hope the weather continues to be glorious.    


  1. Fabulous pictures! We always loved the history of Gettysburg! I can't wait to hear about the flea market!!! Missed pictures of your meal...rats...

  2. Several years ago we took the family to Gettysburg, PA. on one of our "lower 48" trips. The children were kinda young and I figured the auto-tour would go over like a lead balloon! Someday I hope Larry and I can return for another go-around. (we did end up in a flash flood with the rental van which stirred up lots of excitement for the kids, though!) I had seen the movie "Gettysburg", starring Jeff Daniels highlighting Joshua Chamberlain before we went and wanted so see the monuments for his charge. I had thought to myself while watching that movie, "how could I have lived in Brewer for two years, traveled up and down Chamberlain St many times, gone to school in ME through the 8th grade and never have learned about this man in a history class?" I hear there is a statue now of him in Brewer. In fact I remember seeing, as a child, the home they eventually tore down to put up the statue, and hearing the stories of the secret passage way to the river that came from that house, when I was young and living in Brewer and Levant.

    So glad your Mom was able to get there. Enjoy the rest of your travels.