Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another Day at Disney 2013

  I was too pooped last night after seeing the Epcot Reflections of Earth fireworks, to do any posting on my blog. It was a spectacular ending to a spectacular day. We started off at Epcot. We went to Soarin. Kristin and Nathaniel had not been on this ride before, so we really wanted to get on this ride.  We had a Fast Pass for the afternoon, but took a chance it wouldn't be busy in the morning and it wasn't. We got right on.  Kristin and Nathaniel  loved the ride.

Great view of Epcot
   We decided to try Test Track. We knew that
the ride had been reworked and supposedly improved. So we went forth hopeful and we weren't disappointed. The ride was fun.
   As you waited to get on the ride you went through a maze that showed you some of the innovations thought up by designers and what they think about when working on car design: power, capability, efficiency,and responsiveness. Once you got close to the ride you were given the chance to design your own car around these concepts and then test your car against another one in your ride.
Cool vehicles

Coming out to a showroom after the ride.
   We had fun designing our virtual car. We won the first time again Kristin and Nathaniel , but lost today when we went back for a second ride.

In Norway

  We headed for a tour of the countries and for grub... We went on the Mexico ride and the Norway ride. All fun and in a boat. We ate orange chicken and rice  in China.

   We took the bus back to Old Key West to enjoy the pool. Very nice.
Red Lobster yummy....
   We hopped into the car and went to Red Lobster. Nathaniel and Kristin do not like seafood, but the menu at Red Lobster is great for steak and chicken. Russ and I had shrimp and broccoli. We have to eat something healthy.

  The fireworks at night at Epcot are not to be missed. They were especially fabulous at Christmas time. We didn't know that they have a spectacular ending. We were blown away as we had seen the fireworks many times, but this time the ending filled the sky with fireworks. Well done, Disney.
   Today we went back to Hollywood Studios to see if we could go on Toy Story without a Fast Pass. We were thinking that if we went early enough it would be okay.  We waited a little bit but actually go on quite fast. I almost beat Russ.
   After everyone but me went on Rock 'n Roll Rollercoaster, we took the boat to Epcot again to do Test Track again. So fun... We walked back to Boardwalk checking out shops and taking in the gorgeous lobby. We were starving so to Downtown Disney we rode.

Now they are ready for their wedding....

We ate at Earl of Sandwich. Wicked busy with many starving people around.
The Lego Store
 Kristin and Nathaniel got some Christmas shopping done. I got a few things, but my feet were killing me. It was time to head back to Old Key West.
We are going to Smokey Bones again to eat dinner with some of Kristin's relatives who live in the area.  The end to another perfect day.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Disney Happiness!!

  I am so happy to finally be able to post. We are at Old Key West at Disney World, Orlando. I am with my husband, Russ, my son, Nathaniel, and  his fiance, Kristin. We have all been trying to get onto the internet with our computers and have had no luck. I finally called the HELP desk. The woman I spoke to was sooooo nice... She told us what to do and said she would have someone refresh the modem. It worked.. Disney is known for its great customer service. So true....
   We have had great weather since we got here.  We spent our first day at Disney at Animal Kingdom. We headed to the Safari ride. It was perfect timing because we walked right on. Perfect.
We are so happy to be sharing our fun with Kristin and Nathaniel.
Kristin used her new camera to get some great pictures of the animals we saw. We saw quite a few.
Lots of giraffes

The lion is on top of the rock. Resting.
We spent most of the day at Animal Kingdom and then headed back to Key West to relax in the pool. Nice. We heard from family that the weather back home was snowy and miserable.
Feeling a little bad, but happy to be here.
  We decided to see the Magic Kingdom parade and fireworks. It was packed, but we had dinner at Pecos Bill and sat outside on the rock wall and stayed there for the whole parade. It's the only way to watch a parade.
Electrical Light Parade
   Today we went back to Magic Kingdom to enjoy the rides and to have a Dole Whip. We did all those things and had a great day. The park was way less busy which was very nice.
At the Magic Kingdom
  We got to go on Ariel's ride which we had
never done before 'cause it is a new ride at Fantasyland, It's wicked cute and relaxing.
Ursula doing her thing.
Yummy ... Dole Whip
After Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and, Barnstormer it was time for  a Dole Whip. So refreshing....
  We headed over to Hollywood Studios on a bus to Beach Club and then took the boat to Hollywood Studios. Smooth sailing.
  We went on the Great Movie Ride and saw Beauty and the Beast.
Osborne Lights
We went through  Walt Disney's museum, too. Hunger set in so we ate at ABC Commissary. The highlight of our time there was the Osborne Lights. So pretty. It really puts you in the Christmas mood.
  We came back to our room and walked to the quiet pool. It has been a great day. We are waiting for a pizza to be delivered. What could be better. Tomorrow we go to Epcot. Til then...

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Preparations... Yum..

  I love Thanksgiving. It's all about food and family. You get a day to enjoy what you have and to celebrate the past year. Love it..  Our whole family ( except Jill's family)  is getting together this year at our home. That would be 24 people. That is the most we have had at our Thanksgivings in a long time. Bring on the food. We have a 20 pound turkey, a turkey breast, and a whole spiral ham. Hope that is enough.
   Our Holiday Fair was pretty successful. We doubled our monies. We are looking to do more of a craft fair next year in hopes of improving our sales. We are looking to really just support our paper crafting hobby. My sisters, Phillis and Andrea, are coming over to work on a 6 x 6 album of their own. I want to "infect" them with the desire to paper craft... Also, I want to see how I do with a class on paper crafting.
  Since I didn't sell all my Christmas cards I am going to use them for MY Christmas cards. Smart, huh? Now I don't have to fret over making them. They are all done. I can go to Disney and not worry about what I have left to do for holiday prep.
Love the hedgehog stamp set.
Christmas cards this year
Love the inside of this card.
Finally got to use this stamps
   We made an Album in a Box to sell at the Fair, but
My smaller Christmas cards
they didn't really sell since we brought them all
back home. I love them, though. I might try
and sell them on my blog; just to see if anyone might want one. If I don't sell them, I will use them for my own photos.
   I loved this "steampunk" style album. I guess I like the vintage look of the pictures and the embellishments.
Album in a box
   Inside the album you have the same pull out photomats that the 6x6 has; plus the same tags  and pockets. I think these albums store easier than the 6 x 6 albums.
  Anyway take a look at my latest album.

Inside pocket

Inside tag

The cover holds the album pages.



Pocket holding tag

Cute embellishement

A flap to hold more pictures

Photomats pull out of the ends of the pages.

   I am sad to say that I made a "Thinking of You" card for a friend that fell down her basement stairs. She broke her neck, but is doing fine with a neck brace. Her husband is waiting on her " hand and foot". I am so thankful that she is alright. Pray that her recovery goes smoothly.
  Here is the card that I made for Bobbi.
Praying for a smooth recovery.
  I am working on the centerpieces for our 4... count them... 4 Thanksgiving tables. It is alot of fun figuring out how each table should look. I will post pictures next time.
  We await my sister, Phillis and her husband, Cary's arrival on Sunday. Excited to see them. Oh boy, more helping hands. Happy Thanksgiving preparations!

Monday, November 11, 2013

More, more, more Christmas!

   I have been working soooo hard on getting ready for this Christmas Holiday Shopping Event being held at the Topsham Cornerstone Church in Topsham, if I haven't mentioned this enough. My sisters and I are working round the clock to be ready. It is kinda fun doing the projects we have wanted to do, but now have a deadline to do it.. If my cards don't sell I will use them for my Christmas card this year. Good thinking, huh?
  This is what I have been working on : Card in a Box, Envelope Albums, Treat Boxes, Christmas Cards, and an Album in a Box ; just to name a few. I have  been busy.
5 cards with envelopes for 15.00.
These cards were really fun to make. I think 3.00 a card for buying 5 at a time is  not bad.
  I have made one more of the Card in a Box cards.

More cards....
Card in a Box that folds for sending
They are easy to make but the theme and the elements of the theme are time consuming. I made this box to be elves going through gifts. However, I think the elf hat covers his ears, so I am going to cut his present ears off ( Ouch!) and put them lower. My sister, Chris, agrees with me. She thinks he looks like the Grinch.

Card in a Box winter scene
The second Card in a Box is a winter scene with a deer and a bunny. I used white Flower Soft for the snow. I like the effect it gives the whole card.
  I plan on making at least one more. I hope it doesn't take all day. I am using Graphic 45 on the last one. I love that paper because of the quality and the artistic elements. So pretty.

Christmas Album in a Box

Opened Box with pages showing

Tags on another page

Flap on a page for more pics

Last page with tags
Love the boxes that have an album hiding inside. The box is easy to make using black chipboard. I bought the directions from Paper Hoarder, I think that is the name. Doesn't sound right, though.
Pyramid Treat or Gift Boxes

 I have been decorating these pyramid treat boxes or you could put a gift inside. One of the sides comes open when you remove the ribbon. I love Christmas paper especially if it sparkles. I think they look festive. If they don't sell, I will decorate my fireplace mantel with them for the holidays.
Christmas Tags
I discovered I love making tags. They are so cute. I am not sure which ones are my favorite. The Santa tags came out great. I used Enamel Accents for the buttons. On the snowflakes I just used a Sizzix die cut for the snowflake and added gems and a sentiment. Love 'em.
  I have to go rake leaves now. I hope this is the last time. Some leaves just don't want to fall. It will be good exercise and then back to work. I will be making another  Album in a Box and another Card in a Box. I hope to finish decorating my cigar boxes , too.
 Hope you are getting excited for the holidays to come. I know I am.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christmas Craft Fair Season

   My sister's and I have decided to have a table at the Holiday Shopping Event at  Cornerstone Baptist Church in Topsham, Maine ( Rte.196. 9-1 o'clock) on November 16th. We are working feverishly to make all the projects for our table. We got together this weekend to see what we have so far.
  I have been working on making the Envelope Mini Albums. This is a new project for me. I discovered the tutorial on Pinterest and kinda like how they are coming out. This is the first one that I have finished. I am working on a second one and have that one almost done.
Envelope Mini-Album
I used Graphic 45 French Country paper. Love it.. The paper is absolutely gorgeous. The cover a embellished quite a bit, but love how it came out.
Inside pages

Inside pages with tag

Inside pages with photmat
 The pages are large enough for pictures, tags, and adding whatever you want. I think some  people might like these better than the 6 x 6 because it will hold just a few pictures. Sometimes that is all you need . It could be used as a travel journal, too. You can add whatever you want into the pockets. I hope to make a few more for people to buy. If they
Inside pages with belly band
don't sell, I will keep them for my travels.
   Betsy over at Paper, Scissors and SuperHeroes has a wonderful written tutorial on how to make these mini albums. Here is her link: Paper, Scissors, Super Heroes.

My next project I think is so cute. My sister, Chris, over at Calla Lily Studio, discovered the directions for A Card In a Box. The box is really simple. It's the "stuff" you put inside that takes all the time. Usually it is a punch art theme. I chose the Nativity Scene I found on Pinterest. Here is a link to her card. She has done a great job with these figures. I tried to case has as best as I could.
   I used my Spellbinders circle die cuts, and book die cut. I also
Card In a Box
 used my scallop punch for the little lamb.
   I typed the verse on the computer and used Tim Holtz's crackle paint for an aged look.
   The box video tutorial is great except the gal is from the U.K. and her measurement are in metrics. Check out  my sister's blog for a link to the video and the conversion into inches.
Calla Lily Studio We hope to have ten different ones. Chris has some great themes for her boxes.
                                                       What I really like about this card in a box is that it folds up and fits into a 6 x6 envelope.                                                  
The sentiment on the back.
Folded card
We went to Pier One that just opened in South Portland to get some inspiration and that Christmas feeling in November. What a great place! It was way too busy. Don't go there on a Saturday. I got great ideas for more boxes and albums. Well, gotta get back to work. I will have more items to share in a few days.November 16th will be coming fast and furious.

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