Thursday, August 5, 2021

Where Has Summer Gone?

 Summer has shot by like a rocket. I have been busy doing gardening work and crafting. The hydrangeas are coming in quite well this summer. We bought two more because they do so well here. 
 We hired our neighbor to use his tractor to pull two mini lilac bushes away from our shed and help us plant them in the front . What a job! 
Still gotta take out the other plant.
They seem happy in their new place.
Cool tractor!
  We were so happy to have him work with us cause we were pooped. We could not have done it without him. 
  I really like how everything came out though. I plan on planting flowers in front of the shed. 
  It is raining now so no planting until it clears off. I will use flowers from my other two beds to help with the cost of buying new flowers. I love how I can move plants to where I want them because I have so many.

  I have also been using my Cricut Machine to make August birthday cards. Whew! I have alot of family with birthdays in August. This is just one for my brother-in-law. He is an avid golfer so this is perfect for him. I bought the SVG file from Lori Whitlock. It was so easy to put together.
The front
 The golfer on back is a stamp I have from Stampin Up. I just fussy cut him out after coloring him. I like how it came out.

The back.

  I am excited because Sisters' Designs 
Candlestick with moulds
got accepted into the Kennebunk Craft
Fair for 3 Saturdays in August and September. 
 This is new for us so I hope we do well and have fun meeting new people that like our crafts.
  This candlestick is one I was working on. I used moulds from IOD . I glued them on and then painted them a mineral chalk paint color. I decided that using a white was on the whole candlestick would give it a beachy look. It came out great.
  You will have to come to the Pavillion on Main Street Kennebunk to see it in its finished form.
Banana holder is now hold a basket.
     Here is another piece I am trying to sell at the Kennebunk Craft Show. I used a 
transfer on the bottom. I added a lacy handkerchief to the basket to make it look a little more elegant.
  I love that mineral color and use it alot. I need to buy more. 
  You could hang anything you want from the hook, but I really like the small basket.

  Our granddaughters are growing up but we still love babysitting them whenever we can. This is a great picture of them having fun together.
  They are so sweet and kind to each other. Such a joy to be with on these days. I try and take pictures each time to keep a memory .
  Hope you have had a good summer so  far. Maybe I will see you in Kennebunk Artisan Market Place on August 14th. 

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