Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh My Gosh!! Emma is Graduating!!!

   I can't believe my niece is graduating this June... Where has the time gone.. I feel ancient.. My gray hair is getting grayer by the minute... Wait.. that's right. She's graduating from Middle School.. That's a little bit better. I am so happy for her... High School is a great time..
Love this card... the best.
  I made two cards for her: one from us and one from my mom.. What fun to make these cards. The first one is a case from an idea I found on Pinterest. I have a board I named "Cards". Clever, huh? Here is the  link: A Splitcoast Stamper's Card
   I changed the color to Blue Bayou by Stampin Up. I used a stamp by Northwoods Rubber Stamps  for my sentiment.  I also used the basket weave embossing folder by Stampin Up. I added a little more bling with the "gems" at the bottom. I really like how it came out. Hope Mom likes it, too.
Quilling practice.

   The next card for Emma I decided to practice my quilling skills which are quite lacking since I just started this craft. I used a book I purchased from Barnes and Noble titled: New Concepts in Paper Quilling  by Marie Browning. It's a great book; except she used pins to make some designs instead of using the comb. I think the comb must be a new tool. I love her work.
   The sentiment is a favorite of mine. It's a stamp from Hampton Arts Stamps. I used the 1/8 of an inch quilling paper. I also used a Tim Holtz technique of added water to a splash of stain ink and then rubbing the paper in it. It makes this lovely marbled effect.   
Love making my own envelope , if I have time.
  The other skill I am practicing is lining an envelope with patterned paper. This one was easy since I used Stampin Up's plastic template to make this envelope. You can see the template in the picture.
  June is the month for graduations. It's a time of change and moving onward and upward. Oh, next year Emma "hits" high school. Four years 'til I have another bout of "getting old". I should make her card now 'cause I am younger.. and won't forget it.. Congratulations, Emma!!!

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