Monday, February 13, 2023

About time I Made a New Post-Sorry!

   It has been ages since my last post. I think I am just lazy. I need to decide to save a day a week to work on posting on my blog. Let's see how I do...

  I have just finished working on Scrapbook Albums for my granddaughters after our visit to Walt Disney World this past December. 

  We had such fun with the girls. They were so much fun at the parks with the rides we got to ride. 

The time went so fast. We stayed at Saratoga Springs on Disney property. We had a ground floor room which was perfect for us. Alice and Ken (Kristin's parents) stayed across the hall in a studio room. We just loved it.

  The albums were so much fun to make. I have not yet done the journaling. That I usually do on my computer because my handwriting is so awful. 

  The albums are 8 x 8 inches in size. This gives me the opportunity to really add alot of pictures. I used pockets and flip pages so that I could add more and more pictures.

  The paper I used was a Mickey & Minnie Mouse collection I already had in my stash. Izzy liked Minnie more so I made that her cover, and Evy likes Mickey more so her album is on the right. 

  I am giving the albums to them this Thursday so I hope they really like them. I did leave room in places for them to add their own words in case they would like the opportunity to do that .

  I look at tutorials that I found on Pinterest as I worked on each page. So many people have great ideas on different ways to make an album. I used the ones I liked on these albums. 

 I highly recommend Pinterest  for tutorials on how to make your own albums. Sometimes I do buy an album and just add cool pages. But sometimes I like to make them myself.

  My brother-in-law, Mark, just had a birthday. The card on the right was the one I made for him. Although he probably would have liked the unicorn one.

 The unicorn card I made for my granddaughter, Evy. It is her 8th birthday. She really likes unicorns so this was perfect for her.  I used glitter paper for the horns. 

 I cut the eye lashes on my Cricut machine, which I love using.

 During the winter I usually take stock of my craft room to make it more organized and easier to find stuff. I decided to clean off the top of my craft table to make it so I could see outside instead of having "stuff" in the way. 

  I really like it better. But as always, I put things in different places which means, " Where did I put that??"

  My friend, Elaine, says she likes it better too. She crafts with me once a week. We have great fun. We always go out to lunch at Pat's down the road. I look forward to those days with her.


    Well, it is still winter here. Although spring is around the corner. The girls made a little snowman this past January. We didn't have much snow at the time. 

  We got more but not a whole lot. The temps are moving towards the higher 40's. I will take it as a sign that spring is near. I know.. I know... there will be colder temps here and there. It has not been a bad winter so far.

  I guess this is a long post to make up for my lapse of posting. Hopefully I will be doing more.

 We applied for the USM craft fair this spring and the one in November. We hope we get in. I will let you know if we do and what I will be working on. We have quite a bit of inventory cause we never stopped crafting, even during Covid shut down. We need to downsize some. 

  Hoping you are enjoying the last of winter. I am looking forward to the warmth. See you next week.

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