Saturday, November 24, 2012

Giving Thanks!

Shall we eat????

   My husband and I have so much to be thankful for this year. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my sister, Andrea's home. She and her husband,Renn, cooked a juicy turkey that was delicious. I am so thankful for my family. Our get togethers are a special treat for us. We really eat well on Thanksgiving.
   There were fifteen of us in Kennebunk. Afterwards some of us went for a walk to help with the full tummies. It was a lovely day for eating and walking. I am thankful that we are all healthy. I hope all of you had a joyous Thanksgiving Day.
Seafood deviled eggs... were yummy...

                                                                                                                                                          I have finished the thank-you notes I was working on from our birthday party a few weeks ago.  My twin sister, Chris, and I shared the making of the cards. I really love making these cards. I sent  the last few out this week. We will always remember what fun our 60th birthday brought us.
Triple stamped card

Memory Box die cuts

Partially embossed folder use
                                                                            These three cards were fun for me because I was trying some new technique or using some new materials I had just purchased.

The triple stamped card I had been dying to try every since I saw one on Pinterest. It's quite easy really. You cut our the three sizes for white cardstock and then use a pinch of tape and tape them together. Next you stamp the card together using whatever background you would like to use. I chose Stampin Up's  Build a Blossom.
   Then you take the white cardstock apart and glue them to a half inch or quarter inch larger colored cardstock. Mount all three and glue together. It gives it an interesting look.
   I used Spellbinders label die cut for the sentiment and cut out a blossom from the stamp set. I added a pink button for an embellishement.
  The second card was also from an inspiration from Pinterest. Seems I have been using this site quite a bit lately. I had recently purchased the Vivienne butterfly from Ellen Hutson's site . The Woodrow rosette is from Memory Box, too; along with the La Rue Flourish behind the rosette. I like paring the light blue with the soft brown. The sentiment is from Stampin Up's stamp set of words. I don't know the name.
Inside a thank you card.
   The third card was made from a Stampin Up embossing folder after I had stamped the flourish in Olive Green. The flourish die cut is from Cheery Lyn designs. The butterfly is two die cuts: one is a solid and the other is open. Both of them are Vivenne Butterflies from Memory Box.    If you want to see the inspiration cards for the making of these cards check out my Card Board here:My "Cards" Board on Pinterest
   We had been to Dover and our favorite place to buy supplies: Stamped Designs. I purchased for only $4.00 a stamp from Magnolias. It looked like twins. Chris got this one, too. We stamped them on the inside and signed our names. I thought it was cute.
Christmas card holder
   So now I am working on making Christmas cards for our churches Christmas Fair that benefits The Root Cellar. I have a week to get them done. I found a wonderful site on Pinterest that has a tutorial on how to make these boxes for holding cards. I thought I'd make them to hold the cards for the church sale.    Here is a link to the tutorial in case you are interested in making these. Wicked easy.Rahcel Clifton's Christmas Card Boxes
   I will post the finished products when I am done. Hopefully at the end of the week. Then I can start my Christmas cards.. Whew.. a busy week ahead.                                                                     

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Back to Normal???

  We have been home for a few weeks now.. Feels so good to be home.. loved the trip,but I think traveling makes you appreciate home more. I would have blogged sooner, but my computer has been to the doctor for a new fan and tune up.. It's in good working order; now that we have it back.
   We have been busy getting rid of leaves and doing some early Christmas shopping, so I wasn't even think about my birthday coming up in December. I turn the big " Six -0"..!!
   So my twin sister and I were super surprised with the birthday party my family gave us at my sister, Rochelle's home. A TOTAL SURPRISE!!
Wicked Surprised....
   We had a great time and I really appreciate all the time and effort everyone put in to make this party a memorable one for Chris and I.
Our cake.. Gotta love Mickey!
 The food was awesome.. Family brought food to eat together: meatballs, salads, sandwiches, and the cake and ice cream.. Loved it.. ummm. It was very yummy..
   Our gifts were so thoughtful. We got a hanging dried fruit "thingie" which I love. It says "Faith" on the very bottom.  We got a pair of sparkly white slipper socks for those cold winter nights. It think I will be using them real soon. We also got a gift certificate to Soakology in Portland.  I can't wait to use that little item.. Not sure when would be the best time.. ummm.. after holiday shopping, maybe?
Just right to make my kitchen smell good
Chris and I also got a lovely framed collage that my sister, Rochelle made for us. It really is quite nice with pictures of us when we were way younger.. I really like those pictures..

Love the Build a Blossom stamp set.

Slipper socks, thanks Cindy

     Chris and I are working on thank you cards; although they won't do justice to the wonderful feeling this party gave us.. It's so nice to have a family that is thinking of you.. They really did surprise us this time.
First thank you note.
   Here is the  first thank you note, so far.
   I got the idea from a tag I found on Pinterest.  Here is a link to that tag. Click on the picture and it will take you to the blog where Laurie talks about her designs:
 Pinterest tag

  I changed the layout a little bit. I used Memory Boxes butterfly die cut. I also used the flourish die from Cheery Lynn Designs. The border die is one from Memory Box along with the star burst die behind the butterfly. The pearly lace strip is from Tate's in Bath.  I used  my Stamp-a-ma- jig to place the sentiment in the right place.
    I like how this one came out. I am looking forward to making the other cards. It's been an exciting month. I will be working on my Christmas cards for sure. I am also working on making cards to donate to the church fair to support The Root Cellar in Portland. This groups helps young people. I will be blogging pictures as I go.
   I will be cooking most of the week for the Thanksgiving holiday as most people are probably doing. I am so thankful for my family and friends.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Here at Chambersburg, Pa

View from car window.
View from car window
  We have been traveling all day to get back to my brother's home. It was a smooth trip. We started seeing the changing trees around Virginia. They are passed peak.. looking like November. I took a few pictures of the trees along the way.
When is Christmas?

   We reached Chambersburg, Pa and found a Hampton Inn. We like the rooms here. The bathroom is really nice. Right across the street is a Cracker Barrel. Who doesn't like Cracker Barrel. We had a lovely meal.  The hotel gives you free chocolate chip cookies so that was our dessert. Nice, huh?
   Of course, we looked around the gift shop at Cracker Barrel. Alot of the merchandise is about Christmas.  It seems way to early, but I guess Thanksgiving is around the corner. It was fun to look at the cute items.... Possible Christmas gifts lurking here.
  We didn't buy anything 'cause we have a Cracker Barrel at home; so why lug the bags here... 
Santa lights up: wicked cute.

I want the candy cane cluster for my tree.

Hal and Charlotte do not have power yet, so we aren't staying over night with them. We will visit for a bit and then head home. We have been praying that their power come on soon and that everyone gets relief from this disaster.  We are so thankful that we did not get hit. I did hear we might get a nor'easter, but I think that it is just wind and rain. We are used to storms like this in Maine...not a hurricane.
  It will be good to get home even though we had so much fun on this vacation. Thanks to everyone for helping us to enjoy good times.   

Friday, November 2, 2012

On the Road Again...

Cary's car... very cool indeed...
   We are on the road again to Maine. We left Phillis and Cary this morning around 8:40. Cary left for work in his cool Cooper Coup. I had never seen one before. I got to ride in it last night going home from dinner. It's only a two seater...but wicked comfy...
   We went to Apple Bagel down the road. Phillis has Fridays off; so she joined us. We had a bagel sandwich. Ummm.. I think Mom had a muffin. Good eats. I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture. That happens alot.
   We said our tearful goodbyes to Phillis. She thought she and Cary would be coming to Maine sometime soon..
   So we are traveling through Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. We stop at rest stops along the way. Some are pretty cool looking.
rest stop

rest stop

rest stop 

   We found a Hampton Inn in Manning, South Carolina that is really comfy. The beds are great and the bathroom is clean and spacious. We are all looking forward to a good nights sleep after being on the road all day.

Nice beds.
   We then decided we were a little hungry after our road trek.. We checked out a few places, but ended up at a Zaxby's. We had never heard of this restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised by the menu and the service. The place was clean and had some healthy food choices.
  Russ and I chose salads since we had eaten at Wendy's for lunch. Mom had the chicken salad sandwich. We really enjoyed the meal and our hotel was right across the street.
My salad

Mom's chicken salad

Russ's salad

  Well we are back in the room and my bed is calling to me to jump in.. We will have the continental breakfast and start back on the road around eight o'clock. We hope to get close to my brother's home for our second stop. We are praying he has power. (He lives in New Jersey.) I hope for their sakes they get it soon..
  On the road tomorrow..



Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last Day at Disney...Boo...Hoo!!

A Magical Day
   We got up this morning and packed up our things and put them in our van. We wanted to be ready to head to Land O' Lakes when we left Magic Kingdom today... It didn't take long.
Decorated for fall
    We hopped on the bus to Magic Kingdom. We discovered that it wasn't very busy at all. We went on Buzz LightYear's ride. It's not my favorite ride, but it's fun. We walked right on. I think people were really tired from the Halloween parties the last few days and didn't want to get up early for Magic Kingdom. The park was still decorated for Halloween. It looked very festive for fall.
Mickey as a pumpkin

   Next we checked out the new construction in Fantasy Land. It should be completely done in 2014. They were working on the Seven Dwarfs rollercoaster. They were also working on putting thatch on some of the homes for Belle's village. 

I think it's a roller coaster.

Great billboard
     We walked around the part of the new addition that is now open. It's the circus section. I actually went on the Barnstormer Roller Coaster. It was really for kids, but it was perfect for me. I didn't close my eyes once.
  We continued to explore this new section for a time. It's really going to be huge. Thank goodness you can take a train around the park.
Under the Big Top

NO more calories,pleas
    We found the Big Top which is really just a gift shop with snacks and yummies you can eat. It was really a nice place. Check out the pastries.

Ezra will love this ride.
So cute to ride though....

Very moving show

 We watched the little cars go by.. I didn't think I could get my knee in one, so we passed up this ride. I think it's perfect for kids.. What fun ...
  Next we went on my mother's favorite ride: It's a Small World.  She loves the little dolls from the different countries. It's wicked cute. The song might drive you nuts, but I didn't keep singing it all day.. Thank goodness.
   We walked towards Liberty Square to see The President's Hall. I love this show. It always makes me cry.. It's our history put to music. It really comes alive with the robotics.


   We decided to eat at our other favorite place : Pecos Bill's. We ate Taco Salads. You go to a buffet to add whatever you want to your salad.. Russ really likes this concept. We watched the log boat come down Splash Mountain.
I don't think they ever get the key.
  Our last ride at Disney for awhile was Pirates of the Caribbean. It's really a fun boat ride. Russ got a little wet, but not as wet as Cindy did when we went on the ride earlier in the week. It was a nice way to end our time at Magic Kingdom.

Well, it was time to head to my sister, Phillis's home. We will stay the night and then head home. We should be home in three days. I don't think we are staying with my brother 'cause he still doesn't have power. We'll see when we get closer to New Jersey..
  I will be posting the whole way.. Can't wait to turn the key to our home.. sweet .. home..
  I am tired tonight.. Going on vacation is hard work...

A Warmer Day at Disney!

  Yesterday was a warmest day so far here. We were without Dave and Cindy which seemed kinda weird. We decided to walk to Hollywood Studios to try and get on our favorite ride again: Toy Story Mania.
Disney Tip:   We thought we would have to wait for a long time, but surprisingly we got on in 13 minutes when the board said a 40 minute wait. How did did we do that, you ask? Well, we had to wait about ten minutes in the line til we go to where you pick up the glasses. Then the girl asked us how many, so we naturally said," Two". Well, we avoided going up the stairs 'cause she directed us to go to the right where the wheelchairs go. We walked around and got in the car pronto: thirteen minutes. We had already gotten a Fast Pass to go back on in an hour. Well, we thought, we will try this method again,and see what happens. Sure enough when we got to the girl again and said,"Two", we were directed to go to the right side of the stairs that go up and walked right through to where the cars were loading. That took four minutes with a Fast Pass. Ureka!! No more wicked long waits again..
People taking pics along with Cars characters.
   When we were waiting to use our Fast Passes, we came by the cast of Cars. We thought of Ezra, my sister's grandson, right away. He would love this ...
Kermit looks so cool here.
   We went in the Muppet 3D Show again. It is still cute... I love the old guys in the balcony who say silly things to the Muppet cast. They are so funny.
We were in the front...Notice how small our table is....
  We ate lunch at the Sci-Fi Theater Restaurant. Usually you need reservations, but they had an opening at eleven. So we ate early. It was cute, but I don't think I would eat there again. I thought we would have our own car , but they have taken the front of a car and attached a row of tables to the back. Not an awful lot of room. You do get to see a large screen movie projector that is showing clips of Sci-Fi movies from the past. Weren't they funny..The food was so so..
The lobby of The Great Movie Ride

  Russ wanted to go on The Great Movie Ride. He loves old movies. It was a twenty minute wait. When we walked in the girl asked Russ to take this tag like thing to the girl inside at the podium. Russ has done this on other rides. He thinks they choose him 'cause he looks so responsible.
My responsible husband


The pool

   It was such a lovely day we took the bus back to Boardwalk to enjoy the pool and hot tub. We have not been in the pool since the weather had been quite chilly. It is warming up..The wind was blowing, but the hot tub is sheltered by trees and the pool building. It was so relaxing. Hardly anybody was there. Loved it.. We rested in the room for awhile which was great. My knee has been causing me havoc. I see a doctor's visit in my future.
A great place to eat
   We wanted to eat at Red Lobster one more time on this trip, so we hopped in the car and ate at one of our favorite places. The food is really good. We had shrimp since they did not have haddock, which I really miss eating.
Happy Halloween
  We got back to Boardwalk and changed into warmer clothing for our walk to Epcot and the fireworks at nine. As we walked through the lobby and our the front doors, we saw a Halloween party going on on the front lawn. Kids were playing games and having their picture taken with Mickey. It was really cute.

  We went to the French Pavillion show. Really a pretty trip through France. Then we went to the American Pavillion to see Our American Adventure. I cry every time I see it. The music moves me so much. The pictures at the end are of Americans that have left a living legacy. Many have passed away.. So moving..
    We found a great spot to view the fireworks. The weather was pretty warm.. All in all a wonderful evening. Tomorrow is our very last day here. We drive to my sister, Phillis and her husband, Cary's home. But today was a pretty spectacular day together... Here are a few more pictures.
Narnia outfit
Where are we?
gift shop
Not alot of room.. but it's okay.
Welcome Home!

Getting Ready!!

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