Sunday, May 10, 2015

Love a Family Get Together!

  I have been working on making a Mother's Day card for Mom from all my siblings. We are getting together for a lunch at Macaroni Grill on Sunday. We are pooling our money to give it to her so she can spend it as she wants. It's really hard to get something for Mom.
Bright and yellow
   I was inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest. It was bright and sunny and I thought Mom might like that with all the cloudy weather we have been having here. I really like the pocket I made inside to hold the cash. I used hinges made out of half inch strips that you fold down the middle and glue to the paper. Should hold everything nicely.

Love the pocket to store money.

      I made another Mother's Day card from Russ and I. I love Graphic 45 paper and have become a kind of hoarder; using this paper only on really important projects. The paper for Mom's card came from the Botanical Tea collection. Love it. Again I was inspired by a card on Pinterest, where else?  I really like the way the card
For Mom
has texture with the dotted embossing folder side and then using the
 Graphic 45 paper on the other side. I also used my new Stampin Up edgelit for my interest and to finish that side. I know Mom will like this card 'cause it has a bird on it and she is a bird watcher.
    My sisters and I just finished hosting a bridal shower for my sister, Adrianne. She is getting married in June. We are all so excited for her. We are praying for great weather.
   We have been planning this shower for months and I think it all came together and everyone had a ball .
Greeting our guests

Nautical themed decor

View from living room

     We held the shower at my sister, Chris's home. She and her husband just moved in this past winter. It was the perfect location. On the porch we put my wedding dress on a dress form and had my niece, Lindsay write on the chalkboard. She is talented .
  Mom helped out with the food preparation. The straws are holding dipped marshmallows. We all made sandwiches and dessert . I think we had plenty of food. The tables looked so nice.
  We had all seen this cupcake wedding dress on Pinterest and decided we had to try it. Andrea knew a bakery in Biddeford called Riley's, I think. They sell frosting by the bucketful. They told us how much we needed. It was the right consistency for decoration. Something I have a hard time doing at home. Chris did a great job decorating each cupcake to look like one big cake. I love how it came out.
Chris is working on the wedding cupcake dress.
    We made Adrianne wear the veil we bought her. She was a good sport and wore it for most of the shower. We had alot of fun that day. Can't wait
The future bride to be
until June when the whole family will be together to celebrate this wonderful event in Adrianne's life. Her fiance is a really nice guy, too.
Lenny is a great addition to our family. There will  be pics of the wedding day to come.
  I can't end my blog without a picture of our granddaughter. We babysit two days a week and are just in heaven to take care of her. I love to make her smile and can't wait until she giggles.
Evy smiling.

 I hope everyone has a perfect Mother's Day with their mother or remembering their mother's love. It is a day for families to get together and share what is happening in their lives. After all it started with a Mom and a Dad. Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spring is Here!!

Ribbon organizer
Sorry is has taken so long to post anything the last couple of months. We have been wicked busy with adjusting to a new schedule and organizing my craft room.
   This is just a sample of the new changes I made in my "happy place". The ribbon organizer is really a shoe organizer that did not work for me. My DH put dowels in it and it works perfectly. I just remove dowels and slide off the ribbon I want to use. Love it!
  I know it doesn't
Shelving added.
look very neat, but my DH added these shelves to the closet in my craftroom and it has really helped clean up the floor. I can actually walk into the closet. That is a first in a long while. I store pictures that should be in albums, but I am working on it. First things first, I guess.
Looks so much better.
   Another project my DH finished is putting a new top to our computer desk. It is a cheap computer desk with veneer finish which I destroyed with gluing
and cutting paper on it. Russ made a whole new top out of wood and stained it. I think it looks great. He enlarged the area some, too. Much more room, but no more gluing.

This is the crane used to lift those
pine trees over the wires. What a
 We had some huge pine trees taken down this past March in an effort to clean up the yard of all those needles and pine cones we get every spring. They brought in this huge crane to lift the cut trees over the electrical wires. We sat at the window to watch. It was amazing to see how well they were able to move the trees around and not once touch anything dangerous. We were very happy with the results.

   The most important change in our lives is babysitting for our new granddaughter, Evy. She is such a joy. We are absolutely in love with her. I love to make her laugh.
Making Evy laugh.
 It is such a blessing to watch her grow up before our very eyes. There will be lots of pictures of Evy to come as we babysit two days a week.
All dressed up for Easter

      This is an Easter card I made for our daughter, Kristin , who lives out in Colorado. I got the inspiration from Pinterest. I love the three crosses which gives the card a solemn feel to it. I have not made too many cards the last few months due to changing the layout of my craftroom. I will post more pics of the changes next post.
Easter card
    Time with family is so precious. We had everyone over for Easter dinner. What a great time it was. I made this Easter display for the table behind the couch. I love the showing the tomb where our Saviour
Easter display
was buried and rose again.
  I made the three crosses from twigs found outside. I also found the big rock in front of the tomb. The tomb itself is just a small pot with moss over it. I bought the small rocks to use for the bottom of planing pots. It seemed to work here too.
 The sentiment "He Lives" is made from a Spellbinders die that looks like a small book. Love this one.
  It has been a wonderful three months filled with time with family and friends. I won't wait this long to post again. I hope your Easter was a warm celebration of life, too.

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