Friday, October 26, 2012

More Shopping.. with Phillis

   We had another great day in Land O' Lakes with  my sister, Phillis. She took us to another junkie place called Deb's Whistle Stop Depot. It was wicked cute. I saw a glass cloche, but I was afraid that it would get broken before I got it home.

I love this head,but it was way too much money for me.
    We walked out back and there was another shop of plants and garden items. This too was wicked cute. There were some really nice plants that I would have loved to take home, but will be November when I get back. Not planting season.. So we bought a cute bushel basket and some brackets to put plant boxes on our deck next spring.
  Russ walked out back and saw a pond like area. It looked creepy.. He asked if anything creepy crawly was in it.. The girl said there was, but they didn't bother them..Whew!!

A healthy buffet

We went to a fabulous place for lunch. It's called Sweet Tomatoes. It was a salad buffet .  You put your salad together and then after you paid for it; you went on to pick up breads, soups, and dessert. We loved it. 

Great produce here.
    Phillis took us to the Fresh Market. It's a really cool place that has just about everything you can image for yumminess. Mom bought pumpkin whoopie pies. She is saving them for breakfast, I think. They look delicious.

Great looking candy.
   I didn't buy anything because I was stuffed: thank goodness. It was too tempting.
   Tomorrow we are planning on going to Mt. Dora to the craft festival. It depends on the weather and how we are feeling in the morning.
   Check back to see what happens. Cross your fingers for good weather.....

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  1. Wow! Those places looked fabulous! I wanna go....!!! The planter head looked so cute! Hope the weather isn't too bad tomorrow. The news up here make it look fearsome!!


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