Monday, February 12, 2018

It is February Already!

    I just got back from Florida and what a good time we had. We spent some time with my sister and her husband in Northport. The weather was not as warm as I usually like it, but it wasn't snowing.
   I have to tell you that the farmer's market was
so good in Northport. I could not believe how great
Farmer's Market
the strawberries tasted; so sweet and delicious.
Me by the Sea
    We had fun shopping and eating . Two of my favorite things to do. The seafood was so fresh and yummy. I ate shrimp until my nose turned pink.
  We then went to our time share at Disney and had wicked fun. The weather was a little warmer but still had light jackets on at night.
We went to Animal Kingdom alot cause it has all the new rides. The Navi River ride and Flight of Passage were awesome. We had a fast pass for it all, but if you didn't you had a 3 hour wait on Flight of Passage. No ride is worth that wait.
  The Tree of Life has always been a favorite of mine. But now they have a show at night which is
What a show!
beautiful. It projects a story of nature which is so amazing. We loved it. Animal Kingdom at night is so different now
My attempts at cookie decorating
  I have been working on cookie decorating with my sisters. We are practicing any chance we get. Holidays or birthdays are the best chances for making and giving away cookies since we do not want to eat them all the time.
  This is my practice for my granddaughter, Evy's birthday celebration. I can do better though. I will be practicing this week to make Marshall from Paw Patrol look a little better. I will post pictures when I am done.
A Brag Book
   I am working on making Brag Albums for a craft fair my sisters and I hope to do this next Christmas. This is one that I have finished. They are wicked easy to make and can slip into your pocket book or just out on your coffee table. Love them. They take only 3 sheets of 12 x 12 paper and you do not use the full third sheet. I got the directions from Country Craft Creations.
For Evy

  I made this carousel for my granddaughter, Evy's birthday card. I am going to put it in an explosion box. My sister, Chris made one for the baby shower for my other granddaughter, Izzy. Evy really likes it so I told her I would make her one. Chris has the die cut that makes the top and I just used straws to hold up the top and a toilet paper roll for the center. It was wicked fun to make. I will post pictures of the completed project.
Mark's card

  My last project was a birthday card for my brother-in-law, Mark. I tried to make it a little masculine. I used a design I saw on Pinterest. I was pretty happy with the results.
  I am working on some crafts for craft fairs my sisters and I are thinking about doing for next Christmas. We get together once a week to work on some aspect of your crafting. It is great fun. This week is cookie decorating.
  We have come up with a logo that I am working on.
This is the logo I  have come up with that we all seem to like. I plan on putting this logo on the back of our business cards.
Our logo
I will post the completed business cards once I have finished everything. We are excited about our new venture. Will tell you more with my next posting.
  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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