Sunday, April 28, 2013

Great Trip!

Our ship was the Fascination!
 We got back from our cruise last week and boy was it fun. The weather was perfect. We cruised on a Carnival ship. We had no problems except that the drinking water on the Lido Deck  was not good. Ugh... but the trip was a blast.
  Big thanks to my brother , Hal, for taking us to the airport and picking us up, and to his wife, Charlotte, for welcoming us into their home overnight on both ends of the trip. We had a ball.
Russ and I

Rochelle and Mark

   We went with my sister, Rochelle, and her husband, Mark. This was my first cruise. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was ready to have fun in the sun. The sailing was smooth except for the last day going home. There were some swells, but not real bad. I had no problem once I took a short nap. Other people I think were getting a little sea sick, but we all were like fish to water.
Our excursion on a Catamaran.
We chose a catamaran excursion at Nassau, Bahamas  We went out for the sail while others went snorkeling. The trip was gorgeous. We enjoyed the views of islands and the smell of the salt air. Wicked fun.
Great Food
  The food was delicious. We ate like we weren't on a diet; and we weren't. We ate at the Lido Deck for breakfast and lunch and then headed to the dining room for the evening meal. All the food was yummy.
   Well, we are back home now doing yard work and planning our vegetable garden. It's warming up nicely here . They say we will be in the 70's by Friday. Hope so...
   I am working on finishing up my Disney Album and putting  pictures in our cruise album.  I'll post those next time.
   My next huge project it working on my son's and future daughter-in-law's wedding invitations. That is a project I can't wait to start. They will be married in June 2014. So I have plenty of time to work on them. 
   I'll post a few more pics of our trip. Have a lovely Spring.

The ceiling of the lobby.
Not sure if that is Mark or Russ coming down the slide.

Shopping in Nassau

Colorful costume


Friday, April 12, 2013


   Easter was a big hit!! The food and family were great.  It was a lovely day. My sister, Rochelle, and her husband, Mark, bought this whoopie pie cake in Rockland at an Irving Station. It was massive. It was the hit of the dinner. Just look at it as it sits majestically on our dessert/appetizer table.
Just look at that whoopie pie!
   Another hit was the little tartlet like quiche that I made from a recipe my sister-in-law, Charlotte, sent to me after telling me how easy they are to make. She was right. It didn't take me any time to make them. You cook angel hair spaghetti and then put a little into your mini muffin wells. Then you mix up egg, cream, and parmesan cheese and pour that into the wells ,too- just up to the top. I added little bacon bits as well. You could really add whatever bits you wanted. They came our perfect. Thanks, Charlotte for the recipe. It's a keeper.
Little quiches before cooking.
After cooking....Yum...


    I guess I am collecting bunnies. But only cute little bunnies. There are some scary looking bunnies out there. I found this little brown one before Easter when I was out "junking". He just looked perfect on our Easter table.
He's a cutie.
   Well, I don't have any pictures of my latest project because I forgot to take pictures of it. It is a birthday mini-album for my sister, Phillis. She has a birthday this month and I wanted to send something special to her 'cause we won't be seeing her. So I made this mini -album. I am bummed I didn't take pictures of it to show you.
  So Phillis, when you get it would you take pictures of it and send it to me so I can put it on my blog? Or you can put it on Facebook and I can get pics of it from there.
   Well, I am writing this blog on the morning we are heading out for New Jersey to my brother's house. We are flying out Saturday morning for Jacksonville, Florida. From there we are going on a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas. We are cruising on the Carnival Ship called Fascination.
    This is my very first cruise. I am a little nervous with all the problems they have been having with their other ships. So pray our trip is a smooth trip. I am looking forward to some warm beach weather and seeing new sights. I will not be blogging on this trip 'cause it costs 45 cents a minute. I can't type fast enough to not have it cost us an arm and a leg. So I will be posting about the trip when we get back.
  I hope the weather here improves so that we will be coming back to a warmer climate. I just love Spring. Happy Spring to you all .....
My son, Nathaniel, and his fiance, Kristin's, new dog, Chloe.

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