Sunday, August 7, 2022

Hot...Hot... Summer!

   It has been a hot summer this year. Last year we put central air in our home, and am I glad we did.  Except I do kinda miss having the windows open with fresh air flowing in. I open the windows first thing in the morning, but as the hot air begins we close them. 

  Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons. Then I can keep windows open and hear the birds tweeting from outside. It's August so I guess we still have some hot warm days ahead.

  We took our granddaughters for an afternoon of mini-golf. They really enjoyed learning how to hit the ball. They had some great shots.

 I was pretty happy with my game, too. I was able to on at least two hole hit it in to the hole in two putts. Proud, I am. I have not golfed for years. Putting was my favorite part of golfing anyway. 

  Izzy did a great job this time. Last year she was not impressed with golf, but this year she seemed to really want to finish the course. 

 Evy really tries to follow form and get the ball in. It was a hot day so I was surprised the girls lasted the whole course. It was a little busy but we did not have to hurry at all.

Mini-golf training
 The ice cream at the end of the day was the best part. We watched as other families were playing at each hole. But the ice cream really cooled us off under the umbrella shade.

 It was a lovely day with the granddaughters. Love this memory. We might be able to try another mini golf course before the summer is over. Hoping it won't be so hot, too.

/The front
It took me forever to make my granddaughter's 5th birthday card for her. She is into cheetahs right now so I wanted to make one with a cheetah on it. I  used my Cricut to find just the right cheetah . Most of them looked like they would eat you. This cheetah looked the friendliest of them all. 
  I found a tutorial on how to make this center fold card. Perfect for the images and sentiment I wanted to use. 
  I love my Cricut. I used it to draw the sentiment you see on either side of the center.
The back

      I didn't want the back to be blank so I used a running cheetah in the jungle to finish the theme.

I hope she likes it. I also hope she doesn't see it before her birthday at the end of the month.  Five years has gone so fast. 

  This doll that was made my Christina Ruigulles is on our Etsy store now. It is a vintage doll since I bought back in the 1980's, I think.
  She is in good shape as she has only been on display all these years. I really love the detail that she put into her face. She does an awesome job. I am not sure if she is still making these dolls, though. 
  I have a link to our store: Cooksistersdesigns on Etsy. Be sure and check  it out. 
  Well it is going to be another really not day her in Yarmouth. The weatherman is say the humidity will be high as well at tempertures reaching 90 degrees.
  I think we will be staying inside today  in our central air conditioning. I would really like to spend some time outdoors but I do not like the humidity.
  I hope your day is cool and comfortable. 

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