Friday, April 27, 2012

My Aching Back

   It's been awhile since I have posted anything. I guess it's cause I've been busy with Spring coming and all. My husband and I really want a veggie garden this year. Nothing big. We want to plant some tomatoes, peas, zucchini, beans, and squash.
   We have been working on planning a raised bed garden. But we have a TON of deer in this area, so we have to screen the garden, so we get to eat a few veggies, too.
First stage of raised bed design
A work in progress
    We had our neighbor, Don, come and scoop away the topsoil and level the bed. We put landscape fabric around where we are planning to put mulch. We don't want to have to weed whack anything so we are mulching around the raised beds.

Finished raised bed design
   I had to move a few of my flowers from behind the raised bed area 'cause I wanted to see them from the house. So we rotor tilled the back area near our garden shed. This will become our main flower garden.
   This picture to the right is our finished raised bed. It's a U shape. We will have screen between the poles and a door in the front. We have to put the dirt back in that you see piled there. Russ made a screen to filter out weeds and grass. We get free compost from the town dump which we will add. I can't wait to start planting, but there's a lot to do before that.
Better view.
  Russ did a great job designing this layout. We have a few more supports to put up, but we are essentially done.
Russ is finishing the steps to the garden shed. See the dug up area. There is where I want the "patio".
  We also wanted a "patio" in front of our garden shed, so I don't have to keep moving the Adirondack chairs when we mow. So we are putting mulch there after we finished leveling and laying landscape fabric to keep the weeds out.
  We still have alot to do: We need to fill the beds with soil, compost ( We get that free from our town dump.), and  peat moss. Then we will lay mulch around the beds and in front of the garden shed. It is raining today, so we get a little rest. But we still have a alot to do... Oh.. my aching back likes this rain.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Preparations

   I've been busy getting ready for our Easter celebration. I love setting the tables early so that everything is done ahead of time in ;case I am missing something that I can run out and get quickly. We are having 13 or 15 people coming after church for a ham dinner. 
   I made place cards so that I know where everyone will be. I used my Sizzix bunny die cut. I cut a 3 1/2 by 4inch white card from card stock. I stamped  Happy Easter from Print Works Collections. I punched out the flower using  my McGill punch  and added  black enamel accents for the center. I drew the stem free hand.
Ready for the table.
Close up of centerpiece-Table 1
My computer did a nice job with the names.
Table 1
Table 2
   I love buying flowers for the table.Mom bought these pink geraniums which went well with the china on this table. The bunny I purchased in North Carolina at the Indoor flea market. Love how the bunny is wearing a pink sweater. This is one table in front of the window in the breakfast nook.
   The second table has tulips in a pitcher that I purchased in Maine at a shop in Windham, I believe it was called Sisters. A lovely place that I intend to go back and shop some more. The dishes belong to my Mom. They go nicely with the red tulips.
Another view
      I added items I  have around the house. The bird's nest, and timepieces seemed to give the table a vintage look. The lace doily on top of a green runner gave the table a little more vintage look and a splash of color. I really like how it came out.
Close up of centerpiece
                It will be nice to be with family. We have a new member : Amelia Collette born to my niece in New Jersey. Can't wait to see her in person soon.
  I hope you have a lovely Easter with your family in the celebration of our Lord's Resurrection.  Happy Easter!                                                                  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cascading Card--at last!

   Wow.. I've been busy with getting ready for Easter dinner at our home this coming Sunday. Boy, do I love Spring. This is the first Spring here at our new home in Yarmouth. We squeal with delight as we find crocus growing or see the buds coming out...
Spring theme
    So I decided to give my first cascading card a Spring theme. These cards are work.. I'll tell you... I've been working on this card on and off for a week. I think I got it right or at least I like this card better than when I started.
   I got the idea for the tulips from my sister, Chris over at Calla Lily Studio Blog.( See my blog roll.) You use the wing from Stampin Up's bird punch. The blue bird is that punch, too. I also made little pink and white flowers from Stampin Up's hydrangea punch.
   The sentiment is from a Penny Black stamp I picked up somewhere. "Happy Easter is a stamp from Print Works Collection.
The back
   The stamp I used on the back is also from Stampin Up in their All Holidays set. I used a Spellbinders die cut for the white paper cut out. I thought a feather was a nice touch.
Side shot
   The directions for making the Cascade Card is at this link: .Cascading Card

Warming Up
I think it's a pirate.
The Zamboni

     I attended a hockey game last week with my husband which was wicked fun. It was a Pirates game against the Monarchs from New Hampshire. It was a good game 'cause the Portland Pirates won and we had great seats to see it all. The tickets were free from my sister who won them and didn't want to use them. Here are a few shots from that fun time.

  Well, I guess I have to get back to dusting and cooking for 13 family members coming after church on Sunday. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. I know we will. Happy Easter!!

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