Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring is Here!!!

  I am so happy it is finally warming up.. I love it when we put the screens in the door and we can open up the house to let the warm air in. It has been raining off and on the last week, so I have not opened the doors as much as I want. I can't even get some painting done that is on  my list.
  What I did get done with help from my good friend, Elaine , and my husband , is a lovely cushion that we actually custom made together.
It cost me less than $15.00 to make.
  We went to Marden's and bought the foam, batting, and fabric. Russ cut our the plywood to staple everything to and this is the result of us all pulling together. Love it...Comfy, too.
   So that is one item off our list. The other was to paint the shed doors and paint the trim around the windows that Russ added to make the garden shed look wicked better. He did a great job. I just did the painting. Love how it looks. The picture does not do it justice, since I took it through the screen . Trust me, it is so much better.Thank you, Elaine. What a good friend you are to me.....
Taken through the screen window from our bedroom.
   I made a card in the box for my mother for Mother's Day. I made the smaller version which I had never done before. I like how it fits into a standard sized envelope. I used flowers, a bird, and birdhouse 'cause those are the things my mom loves. It is a little bit more work than the standard card, but really fun to do and very creative . You have to think of what to add to the inside of the card to make it fit the person you are giving it to.
Smaller than the usual card in the box.
Well with Mother's Day  is over and I am looking forward to working in my garden and buying plants this year. We already took a trip to The Garden Spot in Pownal. They have a lovely nursery.
  We also for the first time went to Longfellows in Manchester, Maine.
We really liked this place. They have a
big selection of perennials to chose from for my garden.
Longfellows in Manchester
   I bought some purple cone flowers, succulents, and ground cover. Russ picked up some veggie seedlings to be planted when it gets a touch warmer.
   Well, I am off today to my future daughter-in-law's bridal shower. I am so looking forward to getting together with everyone to talk upcoming wedding. We are praying for sunny warm weather as the ceremony is outside in a park setting. What a busy spring it has been!
Soon to be newly weds......

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