Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Organizing and Reorganizing!

    Wow! I have been busy this last week since my cold has been way better. Can not say the same for my husband. He has been battling a bad cough for over two weeks now. He saw the doctor, who checked his lungs and chest, and pronounced him pneumonia free. I thought for sure he might have it. So I am glad to say we are on the road to recovery!
  I have been in a mood to clean out and downsize some of the stuff I have had in my craftroom for a while now. My husband and I moved our Pottery Barn desk downstairs into our office. It was really not being used to its fullest and I needed a desk in the office to do bills.
   Russ made me a wonderful desk/table top . Love it. It is bigger than the desk top I had. I put the two crate like cubbies underneath which gave me alot of storage.
  The black chair is more comfortable to work on fusing things and cutting with my dies. It fits perfectly under the table top, too.
The corner workstation down from the fusing station.

Russ built this table top..
Now that I am taking picture of my craftroom, I realize how much work my DH has done for me. He actually made the corner desk next to this new table top area. He made it with a shelf that works great with my Stampin Up ink pads. I have a shelf under the desk for more storage. Who doesn't need that?
Cozy Corner

    This is a corner to the right of the new table top. Russ gave me the idea to take the wheels off of the storage drawers I had. That way I could stack them on top of the shelves I have for scrap paper. I plan on separating out the scraps to colors and patterns. That would be a few days of sorting for me.
My craft table
    I needed another place to show my thin lit dies. I like having them so I can see them. So as I looked around the room I noticed that the two sides to my craft table would be perfect for the magnetic sheets. I attached the sheets down each side. This gave me the space to put my dies up. I also have two other sides to do the same storage on. Love it..
Loving the room ...

   My nestabilities dies are hung on pegboard. Again I can see just what I have and which one I want to use.
  I put my cinch machine on the side here, It gives me more room for cutting and scoring paper.
  You will see that I purchased an IKEA cart that fits nicely under the table top. I store prima flowers, embossing folders, and things like that. I can wheel this cart out when I need to get to something.
Another corner

   My husband made this shelf that goes over the windows. I use it to display some of my past paper crafting projects or some paper projects my sisters have done. It really inspires me in my work.
  Anyway I am really enjoying the time in my craft room. I spend more time here in the winter than any other times. I have a small CD player that I use while working. It is a relaxing place.
  I am getting some projects done. I have finished a pocket letter for my granddaughter, Evy. She turns two in February. She loves Mickey Mouse so the the pocket letter has a Mickey Mouse theme.
Mickey Mouse pocket letter

   I used my fuse tool to make the pockets. I had alot of fun making this "card" for her.
Kristin's card

   Her mother has a birthday in February, too. I made this card for her using the thumping method. I discovered the method on Pinterest. I cased the card from there.
  The stamps are from Stampin Up called Happy Harmony.  This woman has a blog that showed how she made the love look to these flowers. You stamp the image and then use your color coordinated marker and "thump" or tap the tip of the marker on the image. It gives it a more textured look. Love it
  I made another birthday card for a former neighbor , Shirley. When I lived with my parents in North Yarmouth ,  she and her husband, were good friends with my parents
  I made a shaker card. I have a mason jar stamp that is from Inkadinkadoo. I just cut out the center using an Exacto knife. I had stamped the jar twice: one for the back and one for the front.
Shirley's card.
   My sister told me about the foam strips that Stampin Up sells. They are perfect for shaker cards. You can just use your finger and turn the strip around the corner. This helps keep your pieces inside the jar. You need acrylic paper to help see inside the jar.
  I thought Shirley would love to see some flowers with the weather being so cold and snowy. .
  Well, I am finished with birthday projects so I am back working on my Disney trip albums. I am making one for me and one for my son and daughter -in-law. I used the cinch machine in making the flip albums. I think I showed a picture of them in a former blog. Still working on getting them done.
  Hope you have a great February!

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