Thursday, December 30, 2021

Happy New Year!

I have not been blogging for awhile now. Feeling guilty, so I am starting before the New Year to get me off to a good start. My New Year's Resolution is to keep up my blog on a weekly basis. I think I can put that in my plans now. 
Sisters' Designs now has a small area at Cole's Corner in Wells to try and sell our crafted items. We are excited about this venture. Diane, the owner, has been so nice to us as we try and create a niche that will attract people to our endeavors. 
This is a music box that I made using a prebought box from Tate's in West Bath. It was perfect for this lovely little song, "Love Story".  I love the pink rose on top.

Music Box for sale.

I made another music box , but I actually made the box from chipboard and decorated it with Graphic 45 paper called, "Love Notes". 

 It is an awesome collection of paper that is perfect for Valentine's Day. 

This music box plays " Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Love the little feminine accents such as the pearls and the pink shoe. Could it be any prettier?

I think this would be great for anyone looking for a gift for someone to give on Valentine's Day. I am thinking of charging $30.00 for each music box. If they don't sell, I plan on giving them to my granddaughters for Valentine's Day. So either way I am happy that I made them.

Music Box for sale.

   I also took some small ball jars and decorated them with snowmen using my Cricut machine to cut out the images in my SVG file. 

  I thought they were super cute especially for a saleable item this winter. Who would not love receiving these little guys. I am thinking that the jar could be filled with candy, or soaps, or anything that would be fitting for a gift or a favor. 

 I like recycling items so they do not end up in the trash. This idea is one of our driving thoughts for my sisters and I. We plan on trying to use our talents in making old items new again. Not an easy task I will tell you.

Snowmen gift idea!

    On a side note, I am please as punch, to show you my new acquisition for our bedroom. This is a storage solution I found on Amazon for my scarves, winter sweaters, and whatever does not fit in my bureau. 

   It fit perfectly in this little area outside of our bathroom door.

I love how the handles are a wooden color and show off the black of each little cubby. 

  I can't tell you how it puts a smile on my face to be more organized than I was before this item was put together by my DH.

    We had such a fun Christmas with our kids this year! It was good to be together and enjoy the happiness of seeing our grandchildren open their gifts. This picture is when they saw the innertubes their parents gave them to use on our hilly hills around the area. They have tried them out for real and you can imagine how much fun they had. 


Fun at Christmas....

  I hope everyone stays well and has a Happy New Year. I know we are going to try and see the silver lining in all things.

  Stay positive and healthy. 

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