Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hectic Fun!

 What a hectic few weeks we have had this year. Our son's upcoming wedding this June is right around the corner. We have prayed for good weather for this event and it looks like our prayers will be answered.
 I attended Kristin's bridal shower a few weeks ago and had a great time. She has great friends and a lovely family that we got to meet . They gave her wonderful gifts that will make her honeymoon fun. The hat and sunglasses were just a few great ideas. She got flip flops for each day of the trip. Great ideas....
Ready for the trip!
   Their wedding card was fun to make, too. I used Baroque Motifs as the main part of the design. I had already printed out the Mr. and Mrs. part and just used a Sharpie to dot around the letters. Then I stamped the flourish and added pearls. It came out pretty much as the card I had cased on Pinterest.
Baroque Motifs from Stampin Up!

  We are so excited about the wedding. We have been keeping busy with garden chores such as trimming hedges and trees in the yard. This has been brutal work with the heat and so much trimming to do. But it looks good and we are done!!!
All done...

  The garden is coming along nicely. Russ has worked hard to get it off to a good start. He just finished making trellises for the peas. I haven't take a picture of these yet, but I will for the next post.
  We are also trying to get the lawn back to a nice smooth "carpet" feel . We are fertilizing, weed killing, and watering our brains out. I think it has paid off; although we are by no means done.
  It is an on going process. Seeing good results helps us to keep it up though out the season.

Gardens and lawn looking good.

  My niece from my first husband's family is having a baby. She is looking good and ready to have it soon, I believe. I made her a baby card from some stamps that I  had purchased at the World's Largest Yard Sale at the Cumberland Fairgrounds this spring. It was quite a deal since I only paid $5.00.
  I also got a Mickey Mouse alarm clock that when you push the button you hear Mickey's voice. Again a wicked steal at $5.00. I will have to post a picture next time.
For Megan!
  You definitely need to go to this yard sale. They have it again in the Fall. I will be going again.

  The baby card looks so cute. I love the baby in the bathtub. I used Copic Markers to color the baby and tub. I used yellow and green 'cause I couldn't remember if she is having a boy or girl. I love making baby cards.
  Well, time moves on and the wedding is almost here. This spring has gone by so fast. I loved all the flowers and trees that have been in bloom. I wish they could last a little bit more into summer, but I will take what I can get. Wasn't the apple tree gorgeous. Looks better this year than last year.

Our crab apple tree. . so pretty...
  We will be watching our garden grow and working on our lawn for the rest of the summer. I hope we can get some golfing in this year. That is one of our goals.
  I hope to have a few pictures from the wedding to post next time, too.
  I will leave you with pics of our cauliflower plants and see how they grow....
They are actually taller than this right now.

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