Sunday, March 5, 2023

Getting Ready!!


  I have been getting ready for an upcoming craft fair at USM on April 22nd. My sisters and I are excited about doing a spring fair. We did this one last year and did pretty well.

A work in progress
      This is a music box I am working on. I am finishing it up. It plays the tune from the Cats Broadway show, "Memories".  It was super fun to work on. I wanted a different look from the other two I had made. I think this is a little different from a regular music box.

  These are the other 2 music boxes I have made. One plays "Moon River" and the other one plays "Over the Rainbow". I really like how I used flowers and jewelry to make them a little feminine because who usually likes music boxes.

Front Cover
Another project I have finished is recycling books. This one is a children's book about ants. I had fun adding additional pages for students to write about ants. I also printed real pictures of ants to add to their understanding of what they look like in real life.
Inside pages

 I added pages like the ones pictured here to make it more interesting. I think it gives the book more of a journal use than just reading the author's writing. I love how someone can use the book to record thoughts . It won't be just sitting on a shelf.

A plate rack in my kitchen

 My husband made this plate rack for me, which I absolutely love. I have been watching "The Chateau Diaries" and noticed the plate rack in her kitchen. I thought it would be perfect for the new dishes I had purchased from Goodwill recently. I was right. It looks awesome on a wall in our kitchen. I used a spray paint I had picked out from the Magnolia line by Joanna Gaines. I love how subtle the color looks against the wall. 

Valentine's Day
 I just wanted to give a big hug to my husband for getting me these lovely flowers for Valentine's Day. We don't usually do much but go out for dinner, but we have been super busy so he bought these for me to celebrate. Isn't just so thoughtful??


I think this is lettuce?
 I am so looking forward to spring this year. I has not been a bad winter until this last week where we had snow about every other day. Anyway, I decided to start my seeds for planting when the snow is gone. They are coming up now. I love to see them grow. My granddaughter, Izzy, helped me with planting and she is excited to see them growing. I sent her pictures so she can watch them too.

Bone china flower
I have started selling items on ebay to help support my addiction to crafting. This is a bone china flower from HomeCor. I really really like it, so if it doesn't sell I will keep it happily. I bought it at Goodwill for a reasonable price. I just love Goodwill. You can get things so much more reasonable than if you shopped new. And you are saving stuff from going into the dump that can be loved again. 

Crafting with the girls.

  I love having the girls with us any time we can. They are both in school now, so vacation time is best. They stayed over 2 nights. We had a ball. Here they are working on something. I am not sure what, but I love seeing them enjoy what they like to work on in  my craftroom.

  I will continue to work on items for our upcoming craft fair. It should be alot of fun seeing people again and talking about what we love to do. Hope the snow is melting as I sit here working. 

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Getting Ready!!

    I have been getting ready for an upcoming craft fair at USM on April 22nd. My sisters and I are excited about doing a spring fair. We di...