Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November Disney Trip!!!

   Sorry it's been so long since I have blogged,but I've been on vacation to DISNEY WORLD!!! Most of  my family went with us... We had such a great time. Disney around the holidays is so beautiful. We stayed at Boardwalk which is a walk back in time. This picture is of the front of the resort, but the back of the resort is where you get to walk the boardwalk and see all the shops, vendors and performers. At night the boardwalk is the place to be. You can rent a four seater bike and go all around the boardwalk. My sisters did this. I was too pooped.
Front of the resort

Love the lobby.
 The lobby at Boardwalk is so pretty. I love just walking through it to see all the sights and sounds of the day. It's one of the prettiest resorts that Disney has on the property.
The Festival of the Lion King was one of our favorite stops at Animal Kingdom. The performers had great voices and did a great job singing the famous songs that this show is known for on Broadway.
Amazing robotics

Anyway we had a great time in Florida at Disney. Here are a few more shots of our trip. I wish everyone could go and experience what Disney has to offer. I am just a kid at heart and love to go every year that we can do it. Now I have to get to work on our Christmas cards for this year. That will be my next post.
Another performer at the Lion King show
Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom
Aren't they cute...
At Hollywood Studios

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Biggest Yard Sale!!

Great Find!!
Couple weeks ago I went to the Cumberland Fairgrounds in Cumberland to attend the "Biggest Yard Sale" in Maine. My husband, Russ, and my sister, Adrianne, went along, too. We had great fun checking out all the stuff we could have bought, but didn't... We did find some great stuff that we did buy... Check it out...
   Adrianne found this great Coke box for only $12.00. She found it under another box that was broken. She was lucky no one else found it...
Repurposed furniture
   A number of booths had furniture that had been worked on and painted. It was really great to see people reusing items and not just throwing them away in some landfill somewhere. Wish I could have used them, but alas I have only so much room.
Lovely furniture

Loved this booth!
    Some booths were really full of great things and some were not anything I was interested in. I did end up buying a lovely bowl and a wooden hassock that goes with the Adirondack chairs that we have outside. Russ found that for only $3.00. All in all it was a lovely day for looking.
Neat, huh?
   I wish I had bought this architectural piece, but she was asking $18.00 and at that moment it seemed like it was too much. Wish I bought it now.. Oh well...there's always next year.

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