Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Dear!!

  We got new phones which brings us up to speed with the new technology out there. I just figured out how to upload my phone photos to my computer.. Yeah for me!! It took a little while with a little help from Verizon's Support website, but I got it.
  Russ and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this past week. We decided to walk the beach at Popham in Phippsburg. It wasn't a sunny day , but it was a lovely day. We took about an hour and enjoyed the scenery all the way around the beach.
Thanks for 8 wonderful years....
   We also celebrated my son's birthday in September. He asked me to make cake pops because he liked the ones I had made for his housewarming party. I was so touched. It is only the second time I have made them. I think they came out great. I used three different candy melts, chocolate, peanut butter ( Cause my husband and Kristin love peanut butter.) and speckled vanilla. I used my die cut to make a little sign with "Happy Birthday" on it. The ribbon was a nice  touch.
This is a peanut butter one...
Nathaniel and his fiance, Kristin.
Nathaniel's card
 We went to Canobie Lake Park to continue the celebration. We all had a great time with great weather. I made Nathaniel's birthday card using my new Pop 'n Cuts die cut.. It is so easy. I was amazed at the ease in which I could make this card. I used SU's Baroque Motifs stamp for the background.
  I like using up my scraps for the banners since I have so many scraps.. I punched out the flower using my SU punch and glued it to yellow paper for the inside look of the petals.
Inside the card

 The sentiment is a stamp from Hero Arts that I really like to use for birthday cards. 
  I glued the birthday cake die cut to the pop up mechanism. I think I could just about glue anything to the mechanism for a pop up card. I added the banners using my die cuts from Sizzix.
  We had a barbecue at Nathaniel and Kristin's home with all the fixin's.
Hal and Charlotte's vacation album.

   I finished adding the photos to Hal and Charlotte's vacation album. Boy, I really do like making these pocket page albums. They use 6x6 paper which I love to purchase. There are so many patterns to choose from in stores. I used shells for part of the embellishment for their album since they came to Maine... of course.  Glossy Accents  is a great glue. It will hold anything down and that puppy is not coming off.
Two  of my favorite pictures in this album.
Waterfall cards
  I made a waterfall section to hold the images that I could not fit in the main part of the album. The only thing left to do is add the journaling and the chunky charm to the spine. I love making chunky charms for my albums. It is so much fun picking out the charms and beads to go with the theme of the album . I used Tim Holtz's chain and his small glass bottle. I added sand to it
Shells, beads, lobster, and other nautical charms
using a tiny eye hook to get it on the chain. The big piece is a domino that I glued pictures to and then covered them with gloss accents. It is gonna look great. I am going to give them the album in October 'cause we are heading to their home for Russ to go to a football game with Hal. Mom and I are shopping with Charlotte.. Love shopping with Charlotte. She knows all the cool places.
  Russ and I are "dirting" this week because the weather is cool and just right for working up a sweat and not dying while you are doing it.
Loam to spread....

   We are smoothing out humps and bumps in our lawn in hopes of having a better lawn. We seed the loam after spreading and rolling it. It is quite the project. We are waiting for the grass to grow out back and then it is on to the front. I will show you pictures of our lawn, if the grass actually grows. Right now I am doubtful.
  I will end with a great picture of Fall that I took on the way to Cornish, Maine for a lobster roll at Bay Haven. The best seafood is found there. Happy Fall, Everyone!!!
Hard to choose just one pumpkin....

Monday, September 9, 2013


  I have been busy doing alot of things lately. I am really enjoying working on these Pocket Page mini- albums for our daughter, Kristin . We had a wonderful trip to Colorado and I wanted to thank Kris and Mike for all they did for us. Plus make an album for us to remember the good times.
  The tutorial that My Sister's Scrapper does it excellent. She does a great job with explaining how to do each step. I think there are 5 tutorials on this mini album. Here is the link, if you want to give it a try. I highly recommend it. My Sister's Scrapper

Kristin's album cover

First page

Inside pages

Love using tags..
I am waiting for the pictures to come, so that I can add them to the album. I really do enjoy creating the pages and adding the embellishments to make the album fun to look through. I used alot of Graphic 45 paper from the Steampunk Debutante Collection. It is great paper.
   I have started making my own chunky charms for the spine of the album. Michael's and A.C. Moore have a nice selection of charms. I also go to Butterbee on-line for some different charms to add to my collection.
The back of the album

Chunky Charms
   I made a birthday card for our friend, Dave. He is celebrating his 60th birthday this month. His wife, Cindy gave him a lovely surprise luncheon at this great place in Cornish, Maine called Bay Haven. The food is just too much. The lobster roll was $12.00. I couldn't believe the amount of lobster they put in it. I was watching food go by that was piled high on plates. We plan on going back sometime to try out some other seafood they offer. You gotta go, if you like lobster.

   I had a great time making Dave's card.I used my new die cut from Tim Holtz. I added some embellishments here and there. I like cutting out picture from Graphic 45; like the flying clock. The lettering is from my Sizzix collection for letters.
Where does the time go?
  I like the inside, too.
Memories for 60 years...
  On Friday my sisters, Rochelle and Chris went with Russ and I to Brimfield, Mass. It has the largest antiques and collectibles this side of the Mississippi. I mean big. We took a break at lunchtime to soothe our aching feet. It really made a difference as to how long we could continue the walking.
  I got some doilies that I plan on sewing together for a runner down the middle of our black table. I will take a pic once I have it done.
  I also bought a rectangular box that I plan on adding feet to in order to use it to hold some of my charms. Yes, I know.. another project.
Here are a few pictures of our day.
Very interesting....

Love this arrangement!

Where could I put this?

This is cute.

I don't think I could use this.

Rochelle bought this jelly cabinet for Lindsey.
   I am very grateful to my dear husband, who made a marvelous punch holder for my many punches. He designed at awesome holder. It has a shelf on the top and on the bottom. Perfect for holding some of my bigger odd sized punches. My craftroom looks so organized and neat. I decided to clean the whole room. Thanks, Hon... You are the best.
Just Perfect!!

Looks so organized.. easy to see.

Getting Ready!!

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