Thursday, February 18, 2021

February Fun~

This is the weather outside our home this February. We have had 
snow and more ice.
This month has been a busy month so far. We just got back from our trip to Florida, which was a fun trip. 

  We quarantined and then got out Covid test which proved negative. Amen.

We were able to see our grandkids again which is always fun. It is good to be back to our regular routine again too. 

We have not had alot of snow this month, but have some of the light fluffy stuff which I will take any day compared to the heavy snow. I HATE the ice because of my fear of falling. However, it is pretty on all the trees and shrubs. We did not lose power which I am so grateful for in this cold weather. Not as cold as Texas though. Praying for them down there.

Love these drawers. Not from Ikea.
   My DH was so good to me this month. For my Valentine gift he put these 4 drawers together and the 4 cubbies on top. He anchored the top to the bottom which is awesome because it makes the whole unit so strong. I love them.
   These drawers are not from Ikea, though. I purchased them from Wayfair. They were ten dollars cheaper than Ikea and free shipping. Color me happy. I am still moving things around to fill these drawers. I have not labelled them yet til I am done moving. But  I absolutely love them. They look so clean and neat. I have organized the rest of my craftroom around this inspirational drawer organization. I feel a halo about to land on top of my head. 
Valentine Cards

I worked on these Valentine cards for my family. I used my Cricut machine to cut them out from My Scrapchick file that I bought. I have not heat embossed the sayings yet onto each card. I was waiting for my Versa mark pen to come so I could finish them. One said, "Toadily  Awesome, Lovin every inch of you, Bee mine, and Love Bug". I thought they were wicked cute. 


Happy Valentine's Day

  I also made these candy

 boxes for my grandkids.

 This was also a file I bought from My Scrapchick. She was having a sale so I got them for half price. She is great for having sales on occasion. I love her files. Most of them are super cute. 

 These boxes were easy to make and held about 8 pieces of chocolate. This was perfect as we were going to celebrate Evy's 6th birthday the next day.

Birthday Girl!

  Evy is into Transformers as you can tell from her shirt. She has a new haircut too which looks adorable on her. We had great fun watching her open her gifts. She is such a good sister to , Izzy. Izzy would play with one of her gifts as Evy opened another one. Evy was fine with sharing. Both girls are so sweet to each other most of the time.

Tags for Evy's gifts

  I made these tags to go on Evy's gifts. I think they are so cute. I bought them from Wish so I do not know who makes them. I colored them with my Copic markers which was fun. I did not have any Transformer stamps so this would have to do. 

   I will end this post with a picture I took while in sunny Florida. The weather was so great while we were there. Thanks Chris and Tom for a wonderful visit. Hope we can do it again next year without masks and hand sanitizer. 



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