Monday, January 26, 2015

Baby Shower Fun.....

 Russ and I are so excited about becoming new grandparents. Our son, Nathaniel, and his wife, Kristin are due in February. Her mother and I planned this baby shower for her at our house. Alice lives in New York, so it was a little tricky But I think we pulled it off with flying colors.
The weather was perfect.
  We would email each other with progress on the planning and check out ideas for the games. I worked on the shower each day so that I would not have to feel rushed when the big day came .
  I made these favors from Stampin Up's Curvy Keepsakes die cut. The idea came from Pinterest. I have a whole board devoted to this die cut. You would be surprised with what people have created using this box.
Love these favors.
   I filled the boxes with candy and set them out in a basket with a sign that says, "Please take one as a thank-you."
A little blurry.... gotta stop shaking....
  We had a few activities to do like; decorating baby bibs, guessing her due date, guessing her baby bump size using ribbon, and writing down wishes for the baby.
  The food was great. Alice and I shared the task for feeding people. I ordered sandwiches and made mini italians,  Alice did the salads , shrimp roll, and deviled eggs.
Looks yummy, right?
Great food. 
  I love taking pictures of food to remember what we had for the day and maybe to help with future planning of parties.
  The cake was made by Shaw's. They were the only grocery store that would make two layers. We had to come home and set the top layer onto the bottom layer. Well, I say we, but Russ really did it all. I would have dropped it on the floor. I had a huge spatula like tool that worked perfectly. The baby's bedroom is on the Miss Monkey theme , so the cake reflects that in its' decorations.
That is a monkey on the front of the cake.

  Kristin got some lovely gifts for the baby. We had a great time watching her open them and commenting on how things  have changed since we had kids. Did you know that pacifiers are made for each phase of a baby's growth? New to me....
Kristin and her mom, Alice
  We had the wall taken down in the living room just in time for this wonderful event. There was plenty of room for all. The natural light coming into the room made it easy to take good pictures of the day.
  This is the card I made for Kristin.
My card 

Mom's card to Kristin that I made.
I found the idea on Pinterest. I love the Stampin Up set called " Wild About You". It had this cute giraffe in it. The yellow and the pink go well together, don't you think?
  My mom needed a card for her gift so I made this one from an idea on Pinterest. I used a Stampin Up set that has lots of little stamps , but I don't have the name. I also used some of the Wild About You stamps.
 I love Spellbinders banner labels. Sometimes I color in the "flaggy" part and sometimes I don't . I didn't here.
  You can add all sorts of embellishments when you are not sending the card through the mail. So I added ribbon and buttons to this one.
  Here are some  more pics of a fun day. Can't wait of the happy  day to be here. Hopefully, it will be after we get back from our trip.
Pink punch.. It is a girl...

Ribbon to measure

What will Evelyn look like?
Thank you note addresses...

   Well, we are off to Disney World to enjoy a much needed vacation.
Mom is not going, but having family to keep her company. We will be staying at Boardwalk this time. I will have some pictures to mark the trip.
Hope the upcoming storm this week is not as bad as they think it will be. I  can not remember shoveling 30 inches of snow.  Praying for alot less. Happy shoveling!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

So Blessed!

Love them so much.....
  I know Christmas is over but we just had our Christmas with the kids since they traveled to New York for the holidays to be with Kristin's family. They came back sick and did not want to give the "bug" to us. Love them for that.. So we had to wait to get together. It was a lovely time with them.
  They are expecting their first child, Evelyn, in February. So hard not to buy all baby clothes. There are some wicked cute outfits for baby girls out there.

Wicked cute baby clothes for Evelyn.
  So today I am putting away Christmas and concentrating on the baby shower coming up in a few weeks.
  I am going to make these baby favors that I saw on Pinterest. So much fun to make. I forgot to put the lacy fringe around the head. I will do that on the next one. It is so easy to do. The mouth is a little heart with a punched out circle. I bought Stampin Up's curvy keepsake die cut. You can do so much with that die. I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to what other people have done with it.
So cute.

Happy Birthday!
  I gave Russ a snowcab for his birthday. He got a chance to use it yesterday after a snowstorm left 4 inches for us to remove from the driveway. He said it kept him warm and he could wear his glasses so he could see better when doing the blowing. I am happy he likes his present.
  The snow was quite pretty and the temperature was not too cold, but I hear that is going to change soon.

Mickey Shrine

 Russ finished the shelf to hold the receiver and DVD player. But I really like my Mickey collection on this wonderful shelving tower. I think I even have room for a few more.
Another notepad holder
  I love making these notepad holders by Graphic 45. So easy to do and such a practical gift.
  I used Graphic 45's Couture collection to make this one.
The back

  The collection includes so many great pictures of fabulous women. There are great quotes and sayings, too.
  I see they are releasing a new set of collections. Hope I can find them to buy for my next project.
Our living room

  Our living room is done now. The wall is down that separated our space. We love how much more room we have to move around in. We bought new furniture to go with the new design.
More space...
  We can see right through to the kitchen. Love that. And the light is so much better without a wall to cut off the space and light.
  We are starting off the New Year with so much to be thankful for and feel so blessed. Hope you are having a good beginning, too.

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