Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Baby Shower  Invitations
  I am planning a baby shower at our house for our daughter-in-law, Kristin. Her mother, Alice is helping out with the food.
  I had great fun making the invitations. I just purchased the Cinderella- like die from Spellbinders. I really love the crown and star scepter. It comes with a castle, too.
  Since they are having a baby girl the color pink seemed perfect.
   I used a Spellbinders nesting die for white shape the words are written on. Kristin really liked the invitations.

   While I was searching for just the right materials for the baby shower invitations I came across some stamps that I had not used at all. I really hate to have stamps that I have not used. So I made a card that you see here using the flourish like stamps. I am pretty happy how it came out. The flower is a prima flower, I believe.

Redone coffee table.
  I am also happy with how our coffee table came out. There used to be a glass insert in the middle, but with little grandchildren out and about, I was worried they would get hurt by accidently breaking the glass. .
  So I asked my DH to make a wooden insert that I would stain. I also painted the base a black color . It was green before.
  I can now not worry about any accidents since the top is strong and childproof. I actually like it better than what it was like before. Goes with my decor.
Quilling in a book
  I have started quilling again, My sisters and I are meeting once a week to work on projects or share materials we have found to be of great importance to our crafts.
  Quilling was something we did a number of years ago and due to Pinterest, we have found we want to start up again. This was my first attempt to quill again. I found this idea in a quilling book I had bought. I really enjoyed making this one. It was simple, which is what I wanted.
  I did some things a little differently , but am happy with the results.

My quilling attempt. 
Stencil project
  One more project to show you. I stenciled my kitchen dining table because there was a bad spot on the top. I wanted to hide it.
  I thought of stenciling cause I used to stencil years ago. It was something that I thought I could do pretty easily.
  I found a stencil pattern that I thought would be pretty easy to go around a circle and butt up together easily. I just love how it came out. I polyurethaned over it to give it a shine and keep the paint from coming off to easily. It is just what I wanted.
    Summer is here and I just love the weather we have been having. A lot of my flowers are in bloom.
Summer blooms
 including this rhododendron. We are mulching and moving plants around which keeps us busy, busy.
  Hope your summer is going well.....

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