Sunday, December 10, 2017

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas....

2017 Christmas Tree
  We got our Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving. We put it in a different place which I really like. I think we are going to keep the furniture where it is cause it makes the living room seem much bigger. It will be ready for next year.
  Our Christmas cards were done before Thanksgiving this year. I am so proud. I started them in September because they were so labor intensive. The design is similar to one the Karen Burnisten has done. I changed it some in hopes of saving postage, but I still paid more. It was worth it though.
Love the sparkly.
   I used her pop up die to get the tree inside to move up. It was a challenge for me to figure out how to work it, but I finally got it and it is really easy once you get the hang of it. I loved making all 32 cards.
A pop up inside.
    I really liked getting them done early. I hope to do that next year.  I used silver stickles for the balls on the trees. I like them better than using gems cause it saves money and time.

Mass production

    My sisters and I have decided to try our hand at cookie decorating . It takes practice and patience. I have been watching videos my Julie Usher on YouTube and really learning alot. We got together to practice our learning and had a great time. We decided to focus on one or two cookie designs and learn how to do them proficiently before moving on to other skills.

Blue and White
  I  think my flooding skills are improving. I chose mittens and stars for my cut outs. I used white royal icing and blue.
  I discovered I need a finer tip for detail work and I think a little thicker consistency.  They tasted good, though.

Graphic 45 Treat Box Cards
   I really had fun making these treat box cards. It was surprisingly easy with the directions found on Splitcoast Stampers site. I used Graphic 45 paper for the design paper. One card I used a die cut to make the window and on the other card I used the Word Window punch from Stampin Up. I like the punch better.
  Here is a link to help you try these on your own. Treat Box Card

Warm and Cozy

  Just finished shoveling our first snow . It is beautiful today. The first feels so good on days like today. Love the stockings hung on the mantel. So looking forward to having fun with family and friends this Christmas. Merry Christmas to all . 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Getting Ready For Christmas!

In the beginning...
   I have already started my Christmas cards ! So proud of that. I have never started this early. I am not finished but at least I have started.
   However, I am finished with a big project for Christmas. Russ and I wanted to do an advent calendar for our granddaughter, Evy. ( Isabel is too young yet to use one.) I found the perfect one from Kaiser Craft online at
   I have put a lot of time and thought into just how I wanted it to look.  I did go on Pinterest for ideas ,too.
   I knew I wanted to use three basic colors: gold, red, and green. I used my gold ink pad to ink the edges of the little boxes. After I spray painted the box, I used my gold ink pad to highlight the edges of the big box.

  I knew I wanted to use the Twelve Days of Christmas collection from Graphic 45 on the back. It is a beautiful collection of papers. This one is really perfect with the red.  I really did not think it needed anything else 'cause it is so gorgeous on its own.
   So now I focused on the 24 little boxes. Again keeping in mind the gold, red,and green colors, I perused all my Christmas paper collections. I used a template to make sure the boxes looked the same shape on the front. I also figured out that a speech balloon punch on the side made the perfect cut for the notch at the top of the little box. YIPPEE!
Not finished yet, but getting closer!
      The next part was more difficult. I loved the background paper 'cause it looked like falling snow. And making the snowdrifts were easy. But just what did I want the theme to be???   
    Since it is an advent calendar I decided to make it about the birth of Christ. I wanted a subtle scene with a starry kind of night. I found the light, trees and sled with tree at Michael's. I thought the scale was right. I did have to add height to the light by gluing pieces of black chipboard together. I loved the gold fern like piece behind the trees, too.
  The deer are a Memory Box die cut that seemed to fit the scene. I knew I had to add more to the sky. I gold embossed a star which is hard to see, so I used gold glitter to enhance it.

Close up!
  I was working on covering the boxes all around when I noticed that I had two number 6's. I hadn't really noticed it before. I fixed it easily enough but all my pictures now have two number 6's. Oh well, as long as I fixed it before giving to Evy. 
I love how the boxes look like jewel boxes when I covered them around all the sides. I also added more gold ink to the bottom of each one. That Graphic 45 paper is so gorgeous, you just can't go wrong. 
  The top of the calendar was fun to do, too. I used a large red ribbon and added glitter with the fern like fronds that I had. The pine cone and berries were also some I had in my stash. The angel I bought at JoAnn's. It only cost $.99.  I put glue over it and added gold fine glitter on both sides.
  Before and after using crystal effects for gluing the pieces on, I glued the snow onto the base. I added snow where needed to areas that looked a little bare. 
Evy and her dad. 

  I can not wait to give to Evy. I hope she enjoys it as much as I did making it for her. I think I will make a box to store it in so that she can use it year after year.
  Now onto buying items that will fit in the box. More fun....

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Is It October Already?

  I am way behind in posting to my blog. Sorry, not sure what I have been so busy doing. Although the holidays are coming and I have been working on those projects. Plus, we have a beautiful new granddaughter. I guess it has been a busy time.

Halloween cards

   I made these Halloween treat holder cards for friends. They were wicked easy to make . My sister, Chris, over at Call a Lily Studio found the tutorial cor these cuties on Pinterest. They were wicked easy to make.  The test tubes are plastic. They hold M&Ma's easily.  I found Halloween jokes on line and added them to the inside with the punch lines on the back. You can find the tutorial  on B.J. Peter's blogHalloween treat card

  I also found this wicked cute brag album that Tamara made from Country Craft Creations. It is wicked easy. It only takes two 12 x 12 sheets of paper and part of another one. Love it !

I have made 4 of these to give as gifts this Christmas . They would make great stocking stuffers. You can find Tamara's tutorial on Authentique's Facebook's page titled Bountiful Collection. It was a live video tutorial. If you have any trouble let me know and I can try and give you directions. It is that easy.
I decided that I needed another
project table for my craft room. This table from Wal-Mart fit the bill. It was only 174.00 with free shipping. It has been such a nice feature to be able to have more space to put ongoing projects. Love it. The white surface makes it easier to see the edges of paper,too.

Our new granddaughter
   I will close with this adorable picture of our new granddaughter, Isabelle. She is such a joy to hold and be a part of her growing up. We now have two sweeties to spoil. This is a great time in our lives. We feel blessed .
  Hopefully, I will blog a little bit more than I have been. Happy October!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August Birthdays Galore!

The month  of August is a busy month in my family for birthdays. I have been wicked busy making the cards for my daughter, two sisters, and a brother-in-law.
 The only good thing is that I love doing it. I had loads of fun making these cards.

Kristin's card
Inside of Kristin's card
    I had never done this type of card for our daughter, Kristin, before. I really love how it came out. The front flap folds over the side flap.

  I chose Graphic 45 paper called" By the Sea". I love how it really goes with a Maine theme. Kristin lives in Colorado now and I like to remind her of home here.
Andrea's Card
Rochelle's Card
                                                                                      My sister, Andrea, has a birthday in August, too. I just got this stamp set from Stampin Up. I love it. So versatile with the designs you could make. The bundle comes with stamps and dies. I chose to put the medallion in the middle and stamp around it. My sister, Rochelle, let me have the silver doily to put it on. I will be making more of these beauties.
   My sister, Rochelle, also has a birthday in August. See why I have been so busy. She is an avid gardener with beautiful gardens. So I decided to make a U fold card or sometimes called a Bench card. It was a great choice since I wanted a potting bench theme. I had wicked fun putting all the elements together. the top of the bench folds up so you can close the card. Here are directions on how to make this card: U Fold Directions     Scroll down a little ways to get the dimensions and scoring plans.
Tom's Card
  The last card I made for August was for my brother-in-law, Tom. He and my sister, Chris, go bowling with us every week. We have alot of fun so I thought a bowling card would be a great idea, If course, so did everyone else.  I made an easel card that shows a strike happening. I used clip art on my computer search to find the perfect pins and ball. I had great fun doing this card too.

Happy News: Isabelle Arrived Early!!

  We are over the moon over the early arrival of our second granddaughter, Isabelle Mae... She is so sweet. I held her for a few minutes the other day and she was awesome. She weighs in at 9 pounds 15 ounces.
  Can't wait to get to know her. They all go home today to be a wonderful family of four.
  We went with Evy today and her Grandma Alice to York"s Wild Kingdom    We saw many animals. Evy loved the ducks, deer. and goats. She got to pet and feed those animals. She was so good. We had wicked fun together. The weather was perfect; not too hot or too cold.
 I will leave you with some pictures of our day. Next time I will have more pics of Izzy.
Feeding the deer

Feeding the ducks

Grandma Alice showing her an animal.

This is  Evy trying to touch another deer.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Welcome Baby Isabelle

A baby shower for Kristin
  I have been planning a baby shower for my daughter-in-law, Kristin. She is having her second baby and our second granddaughter in August. I have been working on the decorations and the menu for weeks. It has been loads of fun.
  I made these sweet favor boxes from a tutorial that was so easy to follow. Diagonal opening gift box

Favors for our guests

More decorations....      

  Caroline does a great job with her directions.
I used a die that makes these  awesome bows. I
believe they are from Spellbinders.
  I put Hershey kisses in them and a lip balm or eye make up. I love how cute they are in pink.


  I also made a sweet banner that says," Baby Isabelle" for the fireplace. I used a die that makes different sized cut outs. It is from Spellbinders, also. I mounted the pieces on pink designer papers. I think I will keep it and hang it in the playroom. I will make one for Evy ,too. I can't find the one I made for her shower.   I think the little pink clothespins are awesome.

To die for......
  I think Evy liked the menu. I made marshmallow ballerinas that I found on Pinterest. I am not a marshmallow lover, but you put a little frosting on them and roll them in pink sugar and I am all over it....
You have to try them. I thought they were wicked cute and the kids loved them....

  I did finish a Saucy folder that Country Craft Creations put out. I really love how it turned out. The directions are not too difficult to do with a video tutorial that Tammy Merrill does. Here is the link for you, if you want to try this one. Tammy's Saucy Album Tutorial
 The cover has pockets, too.

Open up again and it has on the right the waterfall section and
on the left you see clear photo pockets. 

Open up and it reveals two more areas for photos.
Pockets and pages for more photos on the left side.

   It has so many ways to put pictures in the different pockets or folders. The waterfall section came out the best I have ever done one.
  I really like how magnets keep the two parts together. Then  you open up again and it reveals the inside folders and pockets.
  I used Graphic 45 French Country collection which I absolutely love. Everything coordinates so well together. You can not make a mistake. It is all in what you like to see.
  I still have some more cards to make and I am starting a
new album that Butterbee Scraps has in a video tutorial and a cheat sheet. That is what she calls it. I am waiting for the clasp to come so I can continue the assembling of the pages. I will show that album next time.
  Summer is going fast.  Here is a picture of
Sara Evans  in concert
Sara Evans at the L.L. Bean free concert
last weekend. It poured but she was so good
that we just sat in the rain and it passed. I was
soaking wet, but her music is worth it.
  Keep dry... happy summer times.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Baby Shower  Invitations
  I am planning a baby shower at our house for our daughter-in-law, Kristin. Her mother, Alice is helping out with the food.
  I had great fun making the invitations. I just purchased the Cinderella- like die from Spellbinders. I really love the crown and star scepter. It comes with a castle, too.
  Since they are having a baby girl the color pink seemed perfect.
   I used a Spellbinders nesting die for white shape the words are written on. Kristin really liked the invitations.

   While I was searching for just the right materials for the baby shower invitations I came across some stamps that I had not used at all. I really hate to have stamps that I have not used. So I made a card that you see here using the flourish like stamps. I am pretty happy how it came out. The flower is a prima flower, I believe.

Redone coffee table.
  I am also happy with how our coffee table came out. There used to be a glass insert in the middle, but with little grandchildren out and about, I was worried they would get hurt by accidently breaking the glass. .
  So I asked my DH to make a wooden insert that I would stain. I also painted the base a black color . It was green before.
  I can now not worry about any accidents since the top is strong and childproof. I actually like it better than what it was like before. Goes with my decor.
Quilling in a book
  I have started quilling again, My sisters and I are meeting once a week to work on projects or share materials we have found to be of great importance to our crafts.
  Quilling was something we did a number of years ago and due to Pinterest, we have found we want to start up again. This was my first attempt to quill again. I found this idea in a quilling book I had bought. I really enjoyed making this one. It was simple, which is what I wanted.
  I did some things a little differently , but am happy with the results.

My quilling attempt. 
Stencil project
  One more project to show you. I stenciled my kitchen dining table because there was a bad spot on the top. I wanted to hide it.
  I thought of stenciling cause I used to stencil years ago. It was something that I thought I could do pretty easily.
  I found a stencil pattern that I thought would be pretty easy to go around a circle and butt up together easily. I just love how it came out. I polyurethaned over it to give it a shine and keep the paint from coming off to easily. It is just what I wanted.
    Summer is here and I just love the weather we have been having. A lot of my flowers are in bloom.
Summer blooms
 including this rhododendron. We are mulching and moving plants around which keeps us busy, busy.
  Hope your summer is going well.....

Monday, May 8, 2017

April Showers

Flower Show
    I love Spring. It just might take the place of my love for Fall. This winter seemed long and cold. I am so looking forward to seeing my garden grow and be beautiful. We had a drought last summer which made some of my plants struggle to look great. We had to water alot. Our water bill was high. This year we have already had plenty of rain and the plants look great. Looking forward to mowing. That is how happy I am to see the green grass.

It is a Girl!!!

Guess Old Wives were wrong.
Loved the floating duckies..
We had a gender reveal party for our daughter in law, Kristin, and our son, Nathaniel. It was wicked fun. Kristin had purchased the poppers for when we all would find out the gender of the baby.  ITS A GIRL!!!!
  We are excited to meet baby Isabelle Mae .( Not sure I have spelled her name correctly though.) I was surprised cause I thought it might be a boy.. But am happy no matter cause I get another grandchild to spoil. Can't wait til the end of August.
For Phillis

  I made this card for  my sister, Phillis, who lives in Georgia now. I miss her and hope she and her husband may be coming to May this summer. I just bought this Stampin Up die for celebrating occasions.
This was Phillis's birthday. It gives you a feeling of a party. I really like it.

Maine lighthouse

Super cute...

  Here are some pictures from the Maine Flower Show that Chris and I went to with Russ. We had a lovely time seeing all the neat ideas for Spring gardening. I know Chris is working on birdhouses for her yard and making some for her family too.I love them lined up here at the Show.
  The lighthouse is super cute, too.  But a little to big for our yard.
  Well, we are working on planning the baby shower. I am using Pinterest to help me with ideas. Right now I am designing a couple of invitations to see which one works the best.  Will have some more posts before the big day.
    Have a happy Spring!

Getting Ready!!

    I have been getting ready for an upcoming craft fair at USM on April 22nd. My sisters and I are excited about doing a spring fair. We di...