Saturday, December 1, 2018

What Happened to November?

   I cannot believe I have not posted since October. I guess I was super busy with preparing for the Christmas Fair that I have been resting and Christmas shopping since the first of November. Time goes by too fast.
  The fair was a great success! It was well attended and we made money to help pay for our hobby fun. We plan on doing the spring Italian Heritage Fair and the Christmas one next year. We also are going to do the Windham Christmas Fair. I am working on projects now to get ahead of the game, as they say.
Winter Luminary
  This huge lantern made from 100 lb weight card stock is a blast to make. It sits in a base and is quite sturdy. You put a tea light inside to give it a glow. I used vellum that I put through an embossing folder. I love using materials that I have not used in awhile.

  My sisters and I got this idea from a tutorial we found on Pinterest. The gal who does it did a fantastic job . The biggest problem I had was making sure I got the top part of the lantern into the base straight. I was pretty successful. 
More lanterns
 The other picture is of the lanterns my sisters made. It is so much fun to decorate them and turn the lights off and see how they glow. Love 'em. Here is the link to the tutorial.Large Luminary Lantern

Visiting Santa

 We took the time to go with our grandchildren to the L.L. Bean winter activities where they have Santa there for photo ops. Evy would not go see him last year. This year she was braver and we got good shots of the whole family. Even Izzy was curious about him. 

My craft room at its cleanest

  I will end this post with my lastest great idea. I can have more than one. Anyway, I was tired of putting mats down to save my desk top, so I went to Lowe's and bought an acrylic sheet to size. They cut it for you free of charge. I was a happy girl. It only cost about $30.00. But I love the clean look it gives and easy to make it shine. 
  I hope to post more often now that I have break. Maybe even before Christmas!
                                    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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