Wednesday, December 30, 2020

After the Holidays are Here!

It has been a busy winter so far. I wrenched my back shoveling the heavy wet first snow. It laid me up for about 2 weeks. No shoveling for awhile. Then I got a cold and was tested to make sure it wan't Covid-19. It wasn't, thank goodness, but it has taken awhile to get over it. I am well and back to crafting again.
I have been making these 4 x 4 frames and putting some interesting poems/ quotes in them. They are so easy to make and only take one sheet of 12 x 12 two sided decorative paper. It is all about the scoring and folding. Here is a link to the gal that gave awesome directions that I followed. It is from Mixed Up Crafts. This gal does some fabulous projects and does a great job with her videos. This one was on Youtube.
I recently made this sympathy card for my friend Helen. She lost her brother this past week. I wanted to reach out to her and let her know we are thinking of her during this difficult time. I thought these tulips from Stampin Up's Tranquil Tulips collection would work well with the eclipse technique using square dies and mounting with strips of foam adhesives. Love the way it looks. Planning on making more using this technique.
We had a lovely Christmas with family. We usually get together with my brother and sisters,but due to Covid we decided to forgo that this year. So we spent Christmas with our son and his family. It was a lovely time. One of the best gifts I got was a picture of our granddaughters. They are such sweet girls. I love to see how well they play together when we babysit once a week for them. We are so blessed to be a part of their lives. The girls love to craft in my craftroom. They make amazing projects. I thihk it is a good thing to have them start early to appreciate their creativeness.
I will end my post with a recent purchase I found on Amazon. My sister, Chris, told me about these tea lights that come in a disc that is remote controlled. I thought this was a super idea for some of my 3d projects. You can place it inside a lantern or a Christmas tree and use the remote to turn it on instead of opening it every time. Love it. You have to make sure and not lose the remote cause there is no way to turn the lights on without it.
Well I hope to post more often now that I can use my laptop in my craftroom to actually sit down and do it. I hope everyone has a happy holiday. Praying for everyone to get the vaccine as soon as possible. Happy crafting...

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Fall is Here!

 I love crafting with my grandchildren. We are inside more now that it is the last of October. The days are shorter and colder now. The girls like to paint so I decided using Q-tips would be a cool way to do it differently. Gonna hang them up in my craftroom when they are done and paint is dry.

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have been busy with so much going on.. I bought a Cricut since my last post and love it. It is a cutting machine that you can buy files for and just extract them and you have the most wonderful project to put together. 

  This is a file that I bought for a few dollars from Lori Whitlock's SVG site. It was so simple to put together the hardest part was putting in the lights. 

   I love the nativity scene that is in white. The Cricut machine cuts out the shapes and parts, so you just put it together. It is time consuming but well worth it after  you see the results.

  I have so many projects going on. I never know which one to work on next. I am trying my hand at quilling but have not finished the project on the letter C with quilling flowers and leaves around it. 

  As you can see in the picture below that I have started it. I really like how the tulip came out but I have way more to do...Will post a pic when I am done. Not sure when that will be with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas around the corner.

What a great Halloween cat!

  I am so looking forward to having Thanksgiving at our house. We will have our children and grandchildren for dinner. I am planning on making Pilgrim hats for our place settings. I think it will be cute. I know the girls will like it. I will post pictures when I get them done. 

 Evy taught me how to make this cat that she did at school for art class. It is wicked cute. We used heavier paper and google eyes. She also like using the pom pom for a nose. She was a very good teacher. Such a cute project. The girls played with the cats for most of the afternoon.

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  This is the Halloween card I made for the kids.   I really like the witch's hat, bat, and  stockings. These are dies that I own. The spider web borders are a Martha Stewart punch I have. Happy Halloween die I bought from Wish. Not sure who made it. But I love it.

 The Witch's Hat box was made from an SVG file along with the large Witch's Hat.

Happy Halloween card

For the grandchildren          
For the kids



Love seeing my grandchildren playing together.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Sorry It's Been So Long!

Our Grandchildren
  We are missing our grandchildren so much. This is the last photo we have of them at our house. We have been social distancing for the last 4 weeks. We have Face timed with them and our son and daughter-in-law.
  I have also been recovering from total hip replacement on March 10th. Doing really well at this point. Walking with a cane but transitioning without now. It has been a long haul with so much pain before the surgery and getting through this recovery time.
  Thank goodness I have my papercrafting to work on when I feel up to it. Lately I have been doing more than a few weeks ago.
Lenny' s Birthday Card

  I have been working on my brother-in-law's birthday card for this month. I really enjoyed making a tropical theme cause I know that is where Lenny would like to be right now instead of inside all the time. I had these palm trees in my stash and I used some dies for the water and the hammock. The hammock is from Elizabeth Crafts Designs.
    I really loved making the tropical shirt which I had made before but had not made lately. The directions are on Pinterest . It was easy to find.
   We have alot of events in our family for April. Not to mention that Easter is a biggie. I worked on Easter baskets for our grandchildren before my surgery which helped alot .

Before my surgery I bought an Explore Air 2. I absolutely love it
I made this card in the box for Easter. It was from Dreaming Tree.
This company is awesome. Every project has a video for you to follow so you cannot make a mistake. I learn something everyday that I work on something.
Sometimes I make a mistake but I learn from that too.
Another Project

Love this card.

I would recommend this company to anyone looking for 3D projects. They have cards and print and cut images too.
  I am working on vintage woman cards that are really wicked cute.

Evy's Easter card

This is a card I made using my dies. I cased this card from Pinterest.  I changed it a little with the 2 little bunnies on the sign. I think Evy will really like these bunnies. I have a bunny collection so I am over the moon with this card.
  I am working on Izzy's card now to go with their Easter baskets.
  I think we will put their Easter baskets on their porch and ring the bell but stand way back or get in our car and watch them see what is in their baskets.
  So hard to do. I want to give them all a big hug. I have been praying for them and the rest of my family this whole time we have been "staying at home".

Album in a box
We were planning on doing a spring craft fair in April but it was cancelled due to this virus. So we packed everything away for next April. It was to be at USM in Gorham to support their athletic program.
  I made this Album in a Box for the fair. I really had fun doing this one. I used paper from Stamperia.
  Well, I have to go do my exercises now to help my hip to get stronger. Will try and post more often now that I am doing so much better.
 Stay safe and pray this end soon.

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