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Sunday, October 28, 2012

First Day at Disney

   We made it to Disney without " a hitch". The weather was beautiful.... It really has been a great week weather wise. I know the north is gearing up for a category one hurricane: Sandy. I believe it is not going to hit Maine directly. Whew!!!
   However, my brother in New Jersey is sweating it, I'm sure. I will be praying for them...
We made it!!
   I love driving to Disney and seeing the entrance as we pass under it.. Knowing we are there...
   We were to meet our friends Dave and Cindy at Boardwalk. They had just been on a Disney Cruise. They found us in the lobby. First question we asked was, "How was the cruise?"
   They both said it was really bad due to Hurricane Sandy. The cruise ship could not dock at any port because of the storm... The water had huge waves that caused everything to sway back and forth.. I felt so bad for them.. We are determined to make the next few days way more fun.

Check out the person in pink. Russ is in front of them.
     We headed for Mt. Everest first. Everyone loves to ride this roller coaster except me... I said I would be the photographer. I did a great job. Check out the picture and see if you can find Cindy, Dave, and Russ.  I did a great job..

The Giraffe
    Next we went on the Kilimanjaro ride.  We saw tons of animals. We walked practically right on this ride. I think we saw more animals up really up close than every before. I got fewer pictures of animal butts  this time.. I must be getting better at taking pictures.

A rhino right beside the truck

   It's a really cool ride. You get to rest after alot of walking and enjoy the animals of Africa.

Underwater hippos

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We decided to eat lunch at Flame Tree Barbecue. The food was healthy and delicious. We had the turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with fruit. Ummmm.. good.

The Muppets in 3-D
        Cindy and Dave took us to the 3-D Muppet Show. It was hilarious. We had never seen it before. It was at Hollywood Studios. We would go again 'cause we laughed so hard. We saw a t-shirt with the dirty old men on it from the Muppet Show. I should have bought it.

Too funny

 We decided to get some groceries at Goodings Market. I love that store. The food looks so yummy. However, we had superior self control and did not pick up anything that wasn't healthy. I am not counting the orange chocolate coconut  treat.
Dave had a 2/3 of a pound hamburger. We had 1/3 of a pound. 

  Dinner was at Fuddruckers which was next door to Goodings Market. We ate good there. The burgers are excellent and you get to add pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions at the condiment bar. 
Dave and Cindy

   We decided to go to Epcot and check out Soarin, but it was wicked busy. There was a 70 minute wait. We met some friends from home: Helen and Eddie. They were with their daughter and her husband. It's a small world, isn't it?
   We watched a group from Canada play for a while . They were in kilts. Wicked good group. I might be able to put up a video tomorrow night. I keep getting kicked off tonight. Must be alot of people using the Wi-Fi at Boardwalk.
  It was a great day. We are looking forward to  tomorrow. More beautiful weather. Sorry everyone in the Northeast. I heard I-95 was closed all the way North.. I think I'll put  my feet in bed. Ahhhh.....
  Toy Story Mania and Soarin tomorrow.. rest my little feet... tomorrow is another day....


  1. Cool pictures! Is Russ sitting with a child? Did you know Helen and Eddie were going to be there? Wow, the Safari ride looked fabulous! Today should be interesting with the storm coming. I don't know how much rain and wind we will get??? Have a fabu day!

  2. You two are getting more and more spoiled and I am very envious of you both! Have a blast!