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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Fun Packed Day!!!

A little place to get coffee and a pastry
   I am sorry I didn't blog about our day last night.  I was so tired I could barely get into the bed.  We went to the hot tub with our jackets on to soothe our sore feet. Dave was the only one who change and hopped right in.
   We had another great day at Disney. Dave and Cindy led the way through a part of Boardwalk that we had never been before. There is a quiet pool there , too. It was so pretty.
Cindy outside the entrance to the cute room
   As we were walking by the pool area. we commented on how cute the rooms looked. Some people behind us asked if we wouldn't like to see them.. They were so nice and the room was really cute with a second floor for the master suite. It looked wicked cute.
    We decided to start the day at Hollywood Studio so that Dave could experience Toy Story Mania. It wasn't real busy there, but we got a Fast Pass so that we could go on twice. Smart, heh?
   Dave loved the ride. I didn't beat Russ ,but got a decent score of 9,.450 I beat that score at 105,230. So proud...
   Next the group wanted to do Tower of Terror. Well, I can't do that ride. I don't think I could handle the feeling of free falling in an elevator. No thank you.. They loved it...

Toy Story Mania

The gang heading to Tower of Terror

Perfect Halloween Character
   I just went through the gift shops to see what I might want to buy. It was really a relaxing time.  I took some cool pictures of the Halloween season.
  After the ride we started to go back to Toy Story Mania for our Fast Past when we spotted this candy shop.. ummm. Had to get some goodies. Russ and I got chocolate covered pretzels and Cindy and Dave shared a carrot whoopie pie. There goes our diet...
Tasted so good.
After our second ride on Toy Story, Cindy told us about a fab meal at Wilderness Lodge that they had had there before. It was all you could eat of ribs, chicken, and sausage. I had said good-bye to my diet for the day, so we headed over there.
Lobby of the Swan Hotel
 We went through the Swan hotel 'cause we had never been through the lobby. It was so pretty especially if you love swans.

Wilderness Lodge
   Wilderness Lodge is such a pretty resort. I love the Pacific Northwest decor. Dave and Cindy had never been over by the villas, so we showed them around the place.
  Cindy was wicked disappointed in our lunch, since Whispering Canyon did not have the same menu that they had before. However, we had a lovely meal. Cindy's was too spicy, though.
  We took a boat ride to Magic Kingdom. What a great place. It was decorated with Fall and Halloween decor. So pretty.
  We wanted to go on  Splash Mountain.. Well, let's say the gang wanted to go on that ride. I was very skeptical. However, I decided I'd give it a try.. Well, we got a Fast Pass.. my heart was beating hard... or hardly beating. Not sure which.. When we got in line to go in, we were told there was a problem with the ride... Yeah!!! Reprieve!! They were disappointed.
  We went over to the new section of Fantasy Land. As we were leaving a gal stopped us to take a survey. I asked her if Spectro Magic was going to come back soon.. She said she thinks it will be back by the end of the year. So good to hear that...
Entrance to the new part
We went on The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. Wicked fun.. The gang decided to take the train back to Splash Mountain to see if it was working.. Well, it was..So I "sucked it up" and went down the flume.. It wasn't that bad.. I am so brave..
   We were tired. My fee and knee was howling on the way back to the room.  Cindy needed to change 'cause she got wet the most from Splash Mountain. Dave was pretty wet, too. Russ and I were behind them and didn't fare too badly.

Pineapple Whip
  We had down on the Boardwalk. Just a quick hot dog 'cause we had had Pineapples Whips at Magic Kingdom before we left there. Those whips are filling, but oh so good.  I know my sister, Chris, will appreciate these pictures.  Cindy had a pineapple and orange whip. It was even better.
Goofy in the ceiling
  To end the day we went by bus to Downtown Disney. I got my Mickey sink drain to replace the one that looks so bad at home.  Dave and Cindy got a Donald Duck that was black and white to remember their Disney Cruise since that's all they saw was black and white...
  We were bushed... We dragged ourselves to the room after soothing our feet in the hot tub. Today we head to Soarin at Epcot. We are going to take it slower with more breaks.. Cindy and Dave leave tomorrow morning.. HOpe they can get out.. I am not sure about airplane travel with the aftermath of the storm..
We love Disney!

   Here are some more pictures of our day.. I'll try and blog tonight.
Meeting of the minds
Eating hot dogs

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  1. My feet hurt just hearing about your day! It sounds like you packed it right full! What fun!
    I love looking at the pictures of Disney!