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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Illumination 2012

Hollywood Studios and Toy Story Mania

C3PO in the dark

   We went back to Epcot last night to see the fabulous fireworks which start at 9:00. We tried to go and ride Toy Story Mania but it was an eighty minute wait. We decided to do that ride tomorrow. We did go on Star Tours. It was kinda fun, but a little scary. We went to the less intense version since the other ride would have probably given me a heart attack. I got a picture of C3P0. Idon't think Iwould do this ride again, though.
   Chris wanted to go through Walt Disney's museum at Hollywood Studios. It brings back memories of our childhood watching Disney on Sunday nights. What a great man he was.

I love this poster of Mickey.


Russ and Tom checking out the turtles.

   We rested our feet back at the room. Beach Club is such a beautiful resort. I love taking pictures of it.
   Next we walked to Epcot for the Illumination Fireworks. It is such a beautiful show. The lights go dark and the music starts. I love it and have to see it every time we come to Disney.
Love the Fireworks at Epcot.

So lovely
 The walk back to our resort is so pretty with the lights on and the  music still playing from the show. It's so romantic. We were walking by the French Pavillion when I took the picture of the water fountains outside.
   It was a wonderful night and we were glad to go back to our room. NO pool or hot tub for us. Just hit the hay.
   I' try to blog tonight about our day  today. We went to Toy Story Mania and Magic Kingdom for lunch. We plan on heading back to Magic Kingdome for the parade and fireworks after our nap.


  1. Whew! I am tired just reading about all the stuff we are doing! It was a fabulous day!

  2. Looks like another beautiful day at Disney! Have fun at Toy Story!!