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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Urge to Cook..

I guess it's time to knock the icicles down.
   I had a good day today. My sister, Rochelle, our friend, Cindy, and my mom landed safely in Orlando, Florida. I hope they all have a great time in the 80 degree weather. The picture on the left shows you what kind of weather we are having in Maine now.
   But I am happy part of my family can enjoy Florida. Hopefully we will be going in March to help break up this dreary weather.
    Anyway, I decided to not work on my cardmaking, even though I have a few to make. I decided to cook. I really feel like cooking is another way to express your creativity. When it's good food; people appreciate your efforts.

They don't look that bad. Do they?
So I made this recipe I found in a magazine. They are raspberry bars. They have almonds, coconut, and raspberry preserves in them. My husband liked them. Not so much love, but liked. I have to agree that they were okay.Not sure why I didn't swoon over them... I hate to say it,but they didn't have a speck of chocolate in them. I guess I am a chocoholic.  If you have made them, let me know what you did to make them better.

P.S. I Love these Raspberry Almond bars now... I tried one for a snack right from the frig and they were yummy. I guess they have to be cold to really get the flavor of the raspberry... Who knew????


  1. They certainly look good! They sound like a health food to me- fruit,nuts and coconut... What could be better for you!!! Yum..

  2. Glad to read that your Mom headed to FL. Hope she has a wonderful time with family there.

    I had my big baking day on Friday! Your Raspberry Almond bars sure did look good!

  3. Mom and I are now in the mood to cook! We are headed for the grocery store with recipes in hand minus the icicles! Haha..