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Monday, February 7, 2011

Shopping at the Mall

  I love walking around the Maine Mall and looking for ideas that inspire my paper crafting/cardmaking or helps in my desire to make my home more homey.... Pottery Barn is one of my favorite stops; even though I can not afford to buy much there. The combination of colors they use in putting bits and pieces together are quite striking. Take this beautiful yellow centerpiece. This inspired me to make a "Thinking of You " card for my brother in law's mother who fell recently and is in rehabilitation. I thought she could use a little "pick me up" card. So yellow is "just the ticket" for thinking spring-like in this all white wonderland.
Another great idea!

Love this decorating vinette
   I will be posting that card later today after I put a few finishing touches on it.
   I couldn't help taking pictures of the neat carousel that is in the middle of the Mall. It's fun to watch the kids having fun on this ride. Although some preteens looked like they might be sick after twirling in the teacup so much.
   Anyway, I am ending this post with a picture of a chandelier that is in Brighton's store. It reminded me of Stampin Up's chandelier stamp. So pretty.
   The weather has improved but the melting snow from yesterday is now solid ice today. It should be melting again today. I see shoveling the slush in my future.  Oh well.. we will be Florida bound soon.

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  1. I am with you- shopping at the mall is a blast! It can be so inspirational too! I don't think our hubbies see it that way, though!! Fun, fun!