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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Puzzle Card

A picture on my wall.
   I am restarting my goal that I set on January 1st to use all of my stamps that I have not used. Since Valentine's Day is over, it's time to get going... I really love Stampin Up's "Nature Sketchbook" set. The tulip stamp in the set is wicked cute. I was sitting in my studio and was inspired by a picture my son let me have a few months back. ( Sorry about the glare.) I love this picture, so I decided to try and use as much of my scrap paper as I could.
   So it was like a puzzle putting together this piece and that piece until I liked what I saw. The punch is from McGill. I thought this might give it a little more interest.
Taahh..  Daaahh.. This is the Puzzle Card.
Anyway, this is the card that I came up with after piecing all the pieces.

   I like the flower piece in the corner to give it a little pizazz..This card could be used for many occasions. I might try a Puzzle card again with different pieces. It does use up your scraps. Thanks for looking!!


  1. I wondered why you called it a "Puzzle" card. Now I get it. I love the picture too! It made a nice inspiration for your card!

  2. Isn't it funny what gives you inspiration? Love what did with the card!

  3. Great card Connie! Inspiration is all around us.