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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Wonderful Day at Epcot

Car of the future
   We decided to go to Epcot today . The weather was really lovely. We started out for Soarin. We only had to wait about ten minutes. Love this ride.. The park was not really overly busy. Next we went to Universe of Energy. That was fun. But my big accomplishment was going on TEST TRACK. I even kept my eyes open the whole time. A proud moment for me. Planet Earth was our last ride. We walked right on.

I'm with Cindy's boyfriend
    We then headed for the Flower and Garden Show. I had been taking pictures of topiaries all day, but I wanted to go to the butterfly show. It was very nice. Not as big as  would have liked it, but nice. Beautiful pics of butterflies.
   We continued on to  the World Showcase and ate lunch at our favorite place: Norway. Great sandwiches. Very relaxing as our feet were starting to get tired. We saw more cute topiaries and flowers. At the American pavillion the Fife and Drum corp were performing. Very formal. Loved it. We went to the show inside where the Liberty Singers were performing. Very nice sound. The American Experience show is always moving.

Very moving...
    Our fee were getting tired, so we took the boat launch across the lake and headed back. We were so tired we ended up taking a nap. Probably a result of long drive down here.
   Anyway, we will be heading out to dinner soon,  I think we will be heading out to Smokey Bones, maybe. Love their cornmeal muffins. Here are some more pictures from our day. If you want to see the whole album here is the link:
Finally stopped moving!
Doesn't she look real?
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  1. I am proud of you going on Test Track too! Love the picture of you and Donald, you are right Cindy will love it!!! Sounds like a great day! You have to go to Italy for the pizza!!

  2. Wow, it sounds like you had a wonderful day! It is frigid tonight! Check out houses and nearly got frost bite!! Florida - here we come!

  3. Sounds like you are having an awesome time!! Can't believe you went on Mission Space!! Thanks for the picture of Donald!! Its a great picture of both of you!!! I don't like the inside of Test Drive, but I love the fast ride at the end!!! Just like being on the turnpike driving to see you guys!!!!