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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whew! What a Week!!!!

   It's been a whirlwind week. My niece and her husband arrived from Georgia. What a lovely couple. The first night here my husband and I took Danielle to the ER. The next day I was with my sister, Chris, when she stepped up on a chair and her knee popped. She and her husband took off for the ER. I walked next door to my mom's to find her having a hard time breathing, so off the ER again. I saw my sister in one room and my mom in the other. I think the people in ER thought we were bringing them off the streets. Everyone is find now. Amen.
   So as you can see I was a busy girl. I just finished this card for my niece's husband, Kyle. It's was his 26th birthday and we are giving him a belated party on Saturday. He's our newest addition to our family, so we want to make him feel welcome. Love his Southern accent.
Fireman's Birthday Card
      I cheated a little and found an outline for the shape of the firetruck. I then began to add the accents to make the truck look more realistic.  I used enamel accents from Inkessentials on the tires, knobs, and stuff. The white lines are from an opaque pen from Inkessentials.
   I stamped the tree and tire swing from Stampin Up's Branch Out set. Love that set. The cat was from SU's Window Dressing set. I am pretty happy with the results, but I think I went overboard with the enamel accents on the balloon strings. Oh well, live and learn.
Hope he likes the joke...
   My husband helped me come up with the sentiment. Kyle is a fire fighter in his home town in Georgia. I can't remember the name of the town, but it's in Georgia.
   The birthday cake I picked up at JoAnn's Fabric store in Topsham. It was one of those dollar stamps, but I kinda like it. I hope Kyle does, too.


  1. Ok..this is cute! I love the firetruck and the sentiment is a hoot! Kyle is going to love it! Nice job!

  2. I love it! Great job Russ on the sentiment! SO cute!

  3. Glad the fire's out now in your neck of the woods! So nice to have a visit with family. Enjoy!

  4. How fabulous! Kyle WILL love! Great idea!

  5. Oh, Connie I hope everyone is alright. You sure have had a tough week. Your fire truck card is awesome and I love the little cat in the corner!

  6. Wow!! Sounds like quite the week!! I am sorry for all your family has gone through. What a fun card!! Love the image and sentiment!

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog. They are so appreciated.