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Monday, March 7, 2011

Vacation Inspirations

   I am just putting pictures up that I took yesterday that made me smile,and gave me ideas that I may work with when I get home. I love that I can look around and something will make me think..."What a good idea!"
Crystal chandeliers
   This first picture is from Downtown Disney. It's the Trend store. I love the different colors of these chandeliers. I think it's a girl thing:

   This next picture is actually a tee shirt that was in ESPN shop at Downtown Disney. I loved it because it is zentangling at it's best. It's on Mickey!!! Chris wants to buy it...Love how the colors blend to a different color as you move downward. Check it out:

   This is a window at Magic Kingdom. We headed there after eating at Red Lobster. Tom's FAVORITE place. I noticed the window in one of the stores. Must be a girl thing again. I love the manniquin's ribbon sash. I think Tim Holtz has a die cut of a manniquin.  The ribbon makes it look regal somehow.

Hanging out!
    I almost forgot about these fish. They were hanging on the wall at Red Lobster. I liked how they were colorful and in different patterns. This idea might find its way to a card. Hmmmm...
  Well, those are a few of the inspirations that I found yesterday. Today we go to Universal Studios. What will I find there?  Check out my blog tomorrow and see for yourself. Thanks for looking!  


  1. Thanks for the ideas, may use some! Have fun at Universal, love the rides there too!

  2. Connie, thanks so much for commenting on the Ribbon Carousel. My parents were at Epcot the other day for the festival and posted pics. I am sooooo envious of all you snow birds! Well, not sure if you're a snowbird. My parents retired to Orlando area last year. No more snow for them. We are going down to visit in June and I am soooooo excited! :D Love your blog and your photos are amazing!!