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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Longest Day!!

I could almost touch him!

    We set off for Animal Kingdom this morning wicked early. We caught the first bus going there. The weather was perfect. We went on the Kilimanjaro Safari. We really got close to the animals. We didn't see any lions, but the rhinos were right next to the jeep.

Isn't he cute?
     It was a rough ride,but we got great pictures of the animals. The giraffes were everywhere. Really a great ride.
   I just love The Tree of Life. It
Great details
 so beautiful. Russ and I walked all around it to get some of these great pictures.

Looks real!

Go, Russ!
    Russ had to go on Mt. Everest alone. I am too much of a weenie. Once was enough for me. He had to stand in line fo r about 25 minutes while I waited outside hoping to get a picture. I did!! He's the one in purple.
   We spent the whole day there. It ended with Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade. What a fabulous day.
We didn't get to see the Festival of the Lion King 'cause about ten minutes into the show they told us the show was cancelled. Bummer.

   Tomorrow onto the Strawberry Festival with my sister, Phillis, her husband, Cary, and Mom. I am drooling just thinking about a strawberry shortcake. Hope to have a video of the event.
   These pictures are from Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade. We had never seen it before. It was wicked cute.


  1. Wow! What a fabulous day! I haven't seen the parade at Animal Kingdom! It looks really cool! Sorry about the Lion King! It will be there another day. I am tired just reading about all you did on one day!! jam packed fun!

  2. Great fun! Sorry you didn't get to see the Lion King Festival but like Chris said it is a reason to go back! Believe me! Rest up, can't wait to hear about the Strawberry Festival!!!

  3. Great pics - had a great day at the Strawberry Festival - stay tuned for pics!

  4. Wow! These are awesome pictures! I'm glad the weather is cooperating and you are having a fabulous time on your vacation.