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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hollywood Studios or Bust!!

Mr. Potato Head.

   We spent a good part of the day at Hollywood Studios. The weather was beautiful as it has been since we've been here. Not too hot, not too cool. We headed for Toy Story Mania as did hundreds of others. We got on pretty quick. I'd forgotten how much fun it is with those 3-D glasses. We promptly went to the Fast Pass area once we got off to get back on again after lunch.
   The park was pretty busy. They were filming a show for ESPN right there on stage. It's going to be wicked busy this weekend at this park with athletes showing up to give autographs etc. So we won't be going to Hollywood Studios for awhile.
   We have never gone to American Idol,but on the recommendation of my sister, Rochelle and our friend, Cindy , we went. It was very fun. The singing was awesome and hard to select a winner. The girl that won was the one I had chosen. She's going to go right to the top, I predict.

We were in the audience.

We also saw The Little Mermaid show. It is a short show with great visual effects. We waited the longest for this event. Beauty and the Beast was way too long a wait. The line was forever. We will do that one next time. 
   We ate at the Backlot. Good healthy food. Instead of french fries, we had carrots sticks. How's that for will power. 

Remember him?

   We did get to go in the newly renovated Walt Disney exhibit. They have done a lovely job chronicling the life of this gifted man. It was amazing to see all that he accomplished in his lifetime. His brother, Roy, was no slouch either. 
   Well, that pretty much was the end of our feet. We headed back to our resort feeling like we had done Hollywood Studios enough for this year. Resting for our evening at Magic Kingdom to see the Main Street Electrical Parade which I don't think is as good at Spectro Magic.  I am going to give it a second chance to make sure I am not wrong. Big of me, isn't it?


  1. Now that is a full day! I want to hear about the parade. Have fun!

  2. You were a better pick than me at American Idol! My pick didn't make it to the next round! Sounds like a good day but you didn't take Russ on Tower of Terror, don't worry Russ, I will go with you!!!

  3. You'll have to go 'cause no way I can. He's so good to me.