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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Great First Day!!

What a feeling!!
   I agree with Tigger about being at Disney. It's a great feeling. Russ and I had  no problem on our last leg of the road trip. Russ did a great job driving through all the traffic. He's a trooper.
   We headed straight to Red Lobster for lunch. The food pictures are for my brother-in-law, Tom. He loves Red Lobster. The food was great as usual.
 Russ and I are trying to eat healthy, so we stayed away from fried foods.
The only bad "thing" was the cheese biscuits, but we are only human. Wicked good, though.

   We decided to walk around Downtown Disney 'cause we were really too early for check-in at Saratoga Springs. It was so nice just to walk around instead of be sitting in a moving vehicle. We got our chocolate fix at Girardelli with their free chocolates. We shopped at Goodings Grocery Store for breakfast "stuff". 
   We checked in at Saratoga. We got a pretty good room at Congress Park with a view of water and not far from our car. Color me happy...
   We bought our annual park hoppers and hopped on over to Magic Kingdom. We went to Buzz Lightyear, Haunted House, The President's Hall, Lilo and Stitch, and watched the fireworks..impressive.
   What a full day.. We are planning tomorrow was I type.  Check out the pictures below for an idea of the fun we had today. Thanks for looking...
What are you doing, Russ/???

Nice candy maker at Downtown Disney

Buzz Lightyear game
Healthy meal at Red Lobster

Wishes fireworks over the castle
This one's for Cindy


  1. Connie,

    Enjoy your vacation! I am so jealous.

  2. Aw... It all looks fun! Where did you see Tigger? How cute! I am tempted to go wake up Tom and show him the biscuits...Can't wait to get to Disney!! Have fun tomorrow!

  3. I'm already wishing I was there with you!! Thanks for the picture of my "boyfriend"!!
    Have a great time!!!!!

  4. We saw "Wishes" too! Isn't it beautiful!!! I am doing a hat page from our last trip to Disney--Russ would fit right in it! Have more fun! Can't wait for more pictures!!