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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Florida's Strawberry Festival... Yum!

   Russ and I traveled to Plant City, Florida today to go to the Strawberry Festival there. We picked up my sister, Phillis  and her husband, Cary who are Floridians. My mom is visiting them for a spell, so she went along as well. What a great time. The weather was perfect. We left early enough to avoid the huge crowds that came much later.

Doesn't it look good...
 We tried to see the pig races, but it was too packed by the time we got there, so we headed for the Strawberry Shortcake place. Here you buy a ticket for $3.50 and get to make your own strawberry shortcake. We had a grand time eating the strawberry shortcakes. We found a table and just sat and slowly savored each bite. We won't be eating strawberry shortcake in Maine until July. Love these pictures of Phillis and Cary eating away. Don't they look like they are enjoying the strawberries?
Tastes so good!
   We walked about the exhibits noticing the admirable handiwork. The crafters would not allow pictures or videos as they must think people would steal their ideas, so I took none and bought nothing. One particulplace was quite cute, but alas I can not show you....
   The fair was huge with 5 different types of ferris wheels. It got way too busy around 2:00, so we decided to leave. The weather turned hotter. It was the perfect time to leave as the cars were pouring in.
   It was a lovely day with my family.  Thanks Phillis and Cary.  We are back at Saratoga Springs and tomorrow we pick up my sister, Chris and her husband, Tom for more adventures here together. What fun! Here are a few more pictures of our day..


  1. hehe...haha..Gufaw..HOG ON A LOG!! FRIED OREOs!!! Wow, tough to avoid the health foods! Now, the strawberry shortcake looks grand! I love the pic of Phillis and Carey, too! Fun,Fun ..more fun! When do we get there and have some of that fun???!!!

  2. Tasty!! Who is that guy underneath the Strawberry Festival sign? Did you pick him up too? Hahahaha
    I know Chris and Tom can't wait for tomorrow! Have more fun and show us!

  3. We had a great time and all slept like rocks last night. I hope you all have a great week at Disney!