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Sunday, March 13, 2011

All the Way Home!

Adorable, Guiness!!
   We are HOME!! Yeah...We spent the last night on the road at Hal and Charlotte's home (brother and sister-in-law) in New Jersey. They have a lovely condo that they just moved into about a month ago. We got to see my nieces, Cindy and Jill, their daughters. It was a wonderful family gathering. Jill and Rob,Jill's husband, brought their dog Guiness.What a cutie!!

   Hal and Charlotte made an awesome dinner for us: grilled steak, hamburgers, and salmon with rice and green beans. We had cheesecake and ice cream to celebrate Cindy's boyfriend, Taylor's birthday. It was fun all around.
Bling..bling at a diner.. Cool!
   The next morning after a restful sleep we headed to the Star  Diner and had a great breakfast. They even had a chandelier. You know how I feel about chandeliers. Food and service was perfect. They even gave Taylor a huge piece of birthday cake free. So nice of them.

  Charlotte told us about this great indoor Farmer's Market, so we had to go and check it out before we headed back to Maine. It was a great place with all kinds of fruits, veggies, and nuts at really reasonable prices. We loaded up since we had no food at home.

Charlotte looks great with tulips.
   We said our good-byes after loading up the car. We will miss them all 'til we see them in May. Our road trip is over and we are back home safe and sound. It's so true though,"There's no place like home", even when you have had a great time away.  Thanks for looking...


  1. That farmers market looks awesome!!! So glad you had a great trip!!!! We need to get together for lunch soon!!

  2. Hi Connie,

    Glad you made it back safe. So you had cheesecake? Yum!