Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finishing up ....

Rehearsal dinner invites all done....
   I am so pleased that I have the wedding rehearsal invitations all done and ready to go out on May 1st. I love the design 'cause it is simple and to the point. The wedding has a beachy theme so I went with the shells in between initials for Kristin and Nathaniel. I am praying for a beautiful day in June.
   I also finished the Vendor thank you cards for Kristin to use. She asked for a design to match the wedding theme. I used the same stamps I used for the wedding invitations. I really like how they came out. There is a slit in the middle to include a gratuity for the vendor.
   I used my  SU ticket punch, which I love. to make the corners
Getting ready to be thankful......
a little different. The words were typed on  my
computer with different fonts that I have on Microsoft Word.  Kristin is really doing well on her checklist of things to accomplish before the big day. I love how organized she is with the preparations.
  With all the wedding projects done I am turning my attentions to projects that I would like to finish.There are two such projects right now.
  I decided to make a box for the wedding album I made for pictures of the wedding that  probably won't make in the official wedding album by the photographer.  For example: engagement photos, Kristin's wedding dress selection, bridal shower, ummmm... rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, getting ready for the wedding... Pictures like that.
So easy to make..

  I used the black chipboard and cut it with my new cutter I purchased from Stamped Designs. Jeanette is downsizing her store and having a huge sale right now. This cutter was only $10.00. It was a steal and it cuts chipboard like butter. I used 1 inch wide black cardstock to put the pieces together. Score the strips in half and put strips on the outside corners where you don't want the sides to open out. As you can see the top opens out.
Closed box

I am in the process of decorating the box which
is the most fun. I will post pictures of the finished box and wedding album when I am finished.
   Another unfinished project is my 8 x 8 mini album.  I used Graphic 45's By the Sea collection. This is my new favorite paper by this company. I am also using it to make an 8 x 8 mini-album. I am thinking of selling this  album or keeping it for my self. e days for recipes.
  I like to work a little on one project and then turn to another one. It mixes things up a little. My husband made me a stand for my IPad so that I would not get it messy when cooking. I am using Pinterest alot these days for my recipes.
  I painted the stand black and it looked so drab, so I decided to use my Granphic 45 paper to give it a little color and zing. I think it came out pretty good. Finished!!

Before....very plain
After.... a little zing...

 The paper is awesome. I fussy cut some shells out of the paper to show off the theme. My IPad fits in the groove behind the shells nicely. Looks nice on my counter, too.
  I am going to go back and work on the two unfinished projects: The wedding album box and the By the Sea 8 x 8 mini-album. These things take time.....
  I leave you with a picture of a metal ferris wheel I saw two weekends ago while junkie with my sisters in the Bangor area. This one I thought was gorgeous. I costs $200.00. Nothing I could afford. But I happened to see a tutorial for making a paper ferris wheel on Youtube. I am thinking about making one for me.. Not sure I can do it. Need to finish other projects before I give it a whirl... Hee hee, hee....



  1. Wowza! You have been busy! The invitations are beautiful! I know the Wedding album box will be too! Now, I wanna see that ferris wheel!

  2. I love checking your blog so I can see all your beautiful new projects.


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