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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August Birthdays Galore!

The month  of August is a busy month in my family for birthdays. I have been wicked busy making the cards for my daughter, two sisters, and a brother-in-law.
 The only good thing is that I love doing it. I had loads of fun making these cards.

Kristin's card
Inside of Kristin's card
    I had never done this type of card for our daughter, Kristin, before. I really love how it came out. The front flap folds over the side flap.

  I chose Graphic 45 paper called" By the Sea". I love how it really goes with a Maine theme. Kristin lives in Colorado now and I like to remind her of home here.
Andrea's Card
Rochelle's Card
                                                                                      My sister, Andrea, has a birthday in August, too. I just got this stamp set from Stampin Up. I love it. So versatile with the designs you could make. The bundle comes with stamps and dies. I chose to put the medallion in the middle and stamp around it. My sister, Rochelle, let me have the silver doily to put it on. I will be making more of these beauties.
   My sister, Rochelle, also has a birthday in August. See why I have been so busy. She is an avid gardener with beautiful gardens. So I decided to make a U fold card or sometimes called a Bench card. It was a great choice since I wanted a potting bench theme. I had wicked fun putting all the elements together. the top of the bench folds up so you can close the card. Here are directions on how to make this card: U Fold Directions     Scroll down a little ways to get the dimensions and scoring plans.
Tom's Card
  The last card I made for August was for my brother-in-law, Tom. He and my sister, Chris, go bowling with us every week. We have alot of fun so I thought a bowling card would be a great idea, If course, so did everyone else.  I made an easel card that shows a strike happening. I used clip art on my computer search to find the perfect pins and ball. I had great fun doing this card too.

Happy News: Isabelle Arrived Early!!

  We are over the moon over the early arrival of our second granddaughter, Isabelle Mae... She is so sweet. I held her for a few minutes the other day and she was awesome. She weighs in at 9 pounds 15 ounces.
  Can't wait to get to know her. They all go home today to be a wonderful family of four.
  We went with Evy today and her Grandma Alice to York"s Wild Kingdom    We saw many animals. Evy loved the ducks, deer. and goats. She got to pet and feed those animals. She was so good. We had wicked fun together. The weather was perfect; not too hot or too cold.
 I will leave you with some pictures of our day. Next time I will have more pics of Izzy.
Feeding the deer

Feeding the ducks

Grandma Alice showing her an animal.

This is  Evy trying to touch another deer.


  1. Great cards! There are a lot of birthdays in August! Love the pictures of Evy at York's! I love our Grandson's but would love a little Granddaughter. I think I will put in an order....

  2. Thank you thank you for my card!! I love it! And you have been busy... Congratulations on little Izzy!! Wonderful pictures!!