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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bunny Hop

  I had wicked fun yesterday with  my sister, Rochelle. We worked on favor baskets for our up coming Easter dinner at Warren's in Kittery, Maine.   We decided this year to make reservations at one of our favorite restaurants.
Looking good....yummmy, too......
  Rochelle had had a Stampin Up party at her home
with our demonstrator and friend, Cathy. She showed us how to make the baskets and bunny
outlines. Rochelle and I took it to the next level.
  I had to take my husband to the eye doctor, by the time I got back Rochelle had made all the baskets and the bunny shapes. What a worker!
  I helped her with gluing the ears on and putting a circle on the back for covering the ears.
Bunny tails... hoppity hop...
Cute nose...
We used SU Rose Romance pink ink to give the bunnies a pink hue. So cute. Rochelle bought the tails to put on their butts. I really not sure where she bought them. You will have to "hop" over to her blog at  Creative Corner Studio   Check my blog list,too. . She has some cute projects going on. I hope she has uploaded the Betty Boop card. She showed me it yesterday and it is adorable.
  Anyway, we used Stampin Up's owl punch to make the cute heart nose. It was the perfect size. We used a black marker for eyes and whiskers and we were done.
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  We will put one at each plate before people sit down to eat.  I think it will be a nice touch.
Rough Royal River

Russ and I have started walking again along the Royal River in Yarmouth. It is quite high this time of year due to the rain and thawing. But it was awesome to see.
  I guess I will get back to my other projects. Looking forward to Easter dinner. My mom is sick with bronchitis so I have been taking care of her. She is better now that she is on antibiotics. We hope to go to church on Sunday. Praying for better health.
  Have a happy Easter Sunday...



  1. I had a lot of fun making these with you! I just added the little bows! So adorable! Thanks Connie for taking care of Mom, hoping she is on the other side of this awful bronchitis!! You are terrific Connie!!! Love you and all you do!! Russ too!

  2. Just saw these on Rochelle's blog! You guys did a great job! I love the bunnies! Great idea for Easter! Wow, the water on the Royal River is high!!!

  3. Connie,

    You and your sisters always amaze me with your creativity! These are so darn cute. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter.