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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Housewarming Party!

   I made a card for my son, Nathaniel, and his girlfriend, Kristin. They have bought a house together. I am so excited for him. The house is a brand new home which has all the "bells and whistles". They have moved in and are celebrating with a party next month.
Love the window die cute from Memory Box.
   I cased this card from Pinterest which is my new inspiration site for just about everything.  This is a link to the card I cased:  Stamping with a Passion
   I had a heck of a time figuring out how to color the background. I thought you inked the embossing folder with a brown color and then put it through your machine. Tried that ... no go.. Then I took the time to read the blog and saw that you use a cream color and ink the folder with white ink. That worked..Whew!!
   It does give the card a nice setting for the window. Love that die cut from Memory Box. In fact, there isn't a die cut I don't love from Memory Box.
   I made my own window box since I didn't have the die cut that goes with this window. I didn't think I did too badly there. Thank goodness for the flowers spilling over.
   I took patterned paper with roses on it and cut it out to fit the window. I pictured this card with someone looking into the home and seeing the wonderful roses on a table; like someone got a dozen roses from their husband for Valentine's Day.. Hint.. Hint..
   The flowers were from a punch from Punch a Bunch, and the greenery is a die cut from- Guess where?  Memory Box.
   On the inside of the card I found a wonderful prayer online. 
Heartfelt prayer
 It really expresses how my husband and I feel about their new home and how excited we are for them.

  On a note about OUR home, we are continuing our efforts to get more organized and neat. We are working downstairs in the basement. Our dream is to get everything in its place and therefore have more room to... get more stuff!

Great job!!

Looking good.
This is a picture of the shelving my DH made for the basement in order to get things organized. He does a great job with carpentry. We decided to paint the shelves to lighten up the basement and pull everything together. Here is a picture of the shelves  painted. 
   I helped him paint and let me tell you it is no fun sitting on a cold cement floor painting. But I love the results.
   We are going to paint the wall to the left as soon as my bum get thawed out. Then we have the fun task of labeling and putting everything away neatly. Pictures to follow.
   Well, that's my life lately. Perfect for January. It has been way too cold lately. This is the time for inside work. Hope you are keeping warm and cozy. 


  1. I love the housewarming card! Who doesn't love Memory Box dies!!! They are faboooo!!! The pictures of the shelving in the basement came out great! Hubby did a fabulous job there too!!!

  2. The Memory box window die is a winner for a housewarming card!! Love the embossing technique you used. Great job on the basement organization--January must be a painting month because we are doing that too!