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Friday, November 2, 2012

On the Road Again...

Cary's car... very cool indeed...
   We are on the road again to Maine. We left Phillis and Cary this morning around 8:40. Cary left for work in his cool Cooper Coup. I had never seen one before. I got to ride in it last night going home from dinner. It's only a two seater...but wicked comfy...
   We went to Apple Bagel down the road. Phillis has Fridays off; so she joined us. We had a bagel sandwich. Ummm.. I think Mom had a muffin. Good eats. I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture. That happens alot.
   We said our tearful goodbyes to Phillis. She thought she and Cary would be coming to Maine sometime soon..
   So we are traveling through Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. We stop at rest stops along the way. Some are pretty cool looking.
rest stop

rest stop

rest stop 

   We found a Hampton Inn in Manning, South Carolina that is really comfy. The beds are great and the bathroom is clean and spacious. We are all looking forward to a good nights sleep after being on the road all day.

Nice beds.
   We then decided we were a little hungry after our road trek.. We checked out a few places, but ended up at a Zaxby's. We had never heard of this restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised by the menu and the service. The place was clean and had some healthy food choices.
  Russ and I chose salads since we had eaten at Wendy's for lunch. Mom had the chicken salad sandwich. We really enjoyed the meal and our hotel was right across the street.
My salad

Mom's chicken salad

Russ's salad

  Well we are back in the room and my bed is calling to me to jump in.. We will have the continental breakfast and start back on the road around eight o'clock. We hope to get close to my brother's home for our second stop. We are praying he has power. (He lives in New Jersey.) I hope for their sakes they get it soon..
  On the road tomorrow..



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