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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last Day at Disney...Boo...Hoo!!

A Magical Day
   We got up this morning and packed up our things and put them in our van. We wanted to be ready to head to Land O' Lakes when we left Magic Kingdom today... It didn't take long.
Decorated for fall
    We hopped on the bus to Magic Kingdom. We discovered that it wasn't very busy at all. We went on Buzz LightYear's ride. It's not my favorite ride, but it's fun. We walked right on. I think people were really tired from the Halloween parties the last few days and didn't want to get up early for Magic Kingdom. The park was still decorated for Halloween. It looked very festive for fall.
Mickey as a pumpkin

   Next we checked out the new construction in Fantasy Land. It should be completely done in 2014. They were working on the Seven Dwarfs rollercoaster. They were also working on putting thatch on some of the homes for Belle's village. 

I think it's a roller coaster.

Great billboard
     We walked around the part of the new addition that is now open. It's the circus section. I actually went on the Barnstormer Roller Coaster. It was really for kids, but it was perfect for me. I didn't close my eyes once.
  We continued to explore this new section for a time. It's really going to be huge. Thank goodness you can take a train around the park.
Under the Big Top

NO more calories,pleas
    We found the Big Top which is really just a gift shop with snacks and yummies you can eat. It was really a nice place. Check out the pastries.

Ezra will love this ride.
So cute to ride though....

Very moving show

 We watched the little cars go by.. I didn't think I could get my knee in one, so we passed up this ride. I think it's perfect for kids.. What fun ...
  Next we went on my mother's favorite ride: It's a Small World.  She loves the little dolls from the different countries. It's wicked cute. The song might drive you nuts, but I didn't keep singing it all day.. Thank goodness.
   We walked towards Liberty Square to see The President's Hall. I love this show. It always makes me cry.. It's our history put to music. It really comes alive with the robotics.


   We decided to eat at our other favorite place : Pecos Bill's. We ate Taco Salads. You go to a buffet to add whatever you want to your salad.. Russ really likes this concept. We watched the log boat come down Splash Mountain.
I don't think they ever get the key.
  Our last ride at Disney for awhile was Pirates of the Caribbean. It's really a fun boat ride. Russ got a little wet, but not as wet as Cindy did when we went on the ride earlier in the week. It was a nice way to end our time at Magic Kingdom.

Well, it was time to head to my sister, Phillis's home. We will stay the night and then head home. We should be home in three days. I don't think we are staying with my brother 'cause he still doesn't have power. We'll see when we get closer to New Jersey..
  I will be posting the whole way.. Can't wait to turn the key to our home.. sweet .. home..
  I am tired tonight.. Going on vacation is hard work...


  1. It looked like a fun day to me! I can't wait to see the new section at Magic Kingdown. It will be fun to explore! Be safe!

  2. Thanks for taking us along on your Disney Vacation! I've never been to Disney World and only to Disneyland in CA once over 25 years ago. Since one of our children is raising a family in CA, I'm thinking we'll be revisiting there! I'm guessing your Mom has been enjoying time with Phillis and family in your absence. Have a great trip home. It will be interesting, your observations along the way, post Sandy.

  3. Mom had a great time at Phillis's. We are driving back to Maine. It's nice to be heading home, too. Disney World is a great place to visit....We like staying on property because you can use the bus system between all the parks.. Thanks for checking out my blog. Glad you enjoyed my posts...