" I am a dreamer. I am , indeed, a practical dreamer. My dreams are not airy nothings. I want to convert my dreams into realities, as far as possible. "

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Here at Chambersburg, Pa

View from car window.
View from car window
  We have been traveling all day to get back to my brother's home. It was a smooth trip. We started seeing the changing trees around Virginia. They are passed peak.. looking like November. I took a few pictures of the trees along the way.
When is Christmas?

   We reached Chambersburg, Pa and found a Hampton Inn. We like the rooms here. The bathroom is really nice. Right across the street is a Cracker Barrel. Who doesn't like Cracker Barrel. We had a lovely meal.  The hotel gives you free chocolate chip cookies so that was our dessert. Nice, huh?
   Of course, we looked around the gift shop at Cracker Barrel. Alot of the merchandise is about Christmas.  It seems way to early, but I guess Thanksgiving is around the corner. It was fun to look at the cute items.... Possible Christmas gifts lurking here.
  We didn't buy anything 'cause we have a Cracker Barrel at home; so why lug the bags here... 
Santa lights up: wicked cute.

I want the candy cane cluster for my tree.

Hal and Charlotte do not have power yet, so we aren't staying over night with them. We will visit for a bit and then head home. We have been praying that their power come on soon and that everyone gets relief from this disaster.  We are so thankful that we did not get hit. I did hear we might get a nor'easter, but I think that it is just wind and rain. We are used to storms like this in Maine...not a hurricane.
  It will be good to get home even though we had so much fun on this vacation. Thanks to everyone for helping us to enjoy good times.   


  1. Wow! Sorry to hear Hal & Charlotte still don't have power!! How awful for them!! We are so lucky it did not hit hear as it did them!! Hope they get it back soon. Have a safe trip home!!!

  2. I have enjoyed reading about your travels including all the yummy food and cool shopping notes, but I am ready for a lengthy breakfast on Friday morning. I have missed you both, but can tell that you had a wonderful vacation. I am sure that I will be entertained on Friday morning. See you @ 8 o'clock!