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Saturday, September 22, 2012

September Fun!

   September is flying by. We've been busy with the changing of the season. My son, Nathaniel, had a birthday which we celebrated at home on the grill. It's hard to believe he's thirty one. I made a card for him that reminded me of all the times we went to the beach in Phippsburg.   He loves the ocean. The boy on the front even looks like he did at that age. Love this Stampin Up stamp. I only have this one stamp from the set. Not sure what the set is called.
  I also used the grass from SU 's Inspired by Nature set. I really think it gives a "beachy" feel to the scene.
 I cut paper with a curved edge to make the clouds using a Baja Breeze ink  from Stampin Up.
  The inside of the card is a new fold that I  had never tried. I found the blog that gives directions from my sister's blog over at Calla Lily Studio Blog. It's pretty easy. I made my fold smaller that hers which is okay.. I kinda wish I had made it larger... Take a look at this blog: New Fold
The blog is in German I think, so use the translator.

New fold inside card
    September is when we decided to work on a project we have been putting off for about a year: railings on our side porch. We needed it for my mom and for my husband's sister, Bette; not to mention we are getting up in age, too. Railings are a good idea for everyone.
   I thought it was going to be quite a chore, but I dug the post holes as Russ drilled into the cement. We were surprised at how relatively easy it was. Yes, we did sweat a bit and had to take a break once in awhile. I am talking about me, of course. I love the results.I will show you a before and after picture and you decide if it really adds something to the entry here.


  I think it really highlights the entry and gives us old people a good way to hold on as you go up the stairs. We decided on the vinyl railings 'cause the up keep is easy. We didn't want to have to scrape or stain every two years. It was a little pricey, though. But I think worth it in the long run.
And I am  thinking of this winter when it might be a little slippery and we will need something to hold onto as you are heading downward. We are very happy that another project is done.

    Well, we went to Brimfield, Mass the first of September to check out the vendors that were not there in July. It was a great show of antiques and collectibles. I took a few pictures of some interesting areas. We bought some items which I will show you in my next post. This one is a little long. Enjoy some of the fun we had there.

Too funny

This chair wouldn't fit my decor. Cute, though.

Wanted this: Couldn't afford it.

These would look good on my porch


  1. Hi Connie,

    Beautiful seaside card! I like what you have done with your entry. The railings look so inviting. I think I would have to bring home one of those jack-o-lanterns.

  2. It has been a fun September! Nathaniel's card does bring back some great memories! I love the railings too!! Nice job!

  3. Love your pictures of Brimfield! September was fun and gorgeous as far as the weather goes. Hope it continues. Love the card for Nathaniel! So cute!!!

  4. Well, I can see that the 3 of you have had fun since you left your house. I am happy that you are having a good trip and I am, of course, jealous. I am sure by the end of the day you will be in Florida, so please soak up some sun for me. E.