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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pleased as Punch!!

Lucky number! 

   This weekend we got to go see my son, Nathaniel, run in the 16th annual Breakaway 5K marathon race in Old Orchard Beach. I had never been to a race before and found it exhilarating especially since Nathaniel was running. His goal was to beat his time from his last race in the Old Port 5K.
    We got there early to get a good parking spot and waited for Nathaniel down by the Pier. We watched people sign in and get their number pennant. There were over 425 people running.
A little blurry...
   Nathaniel was running so fast he was a blur.. Well, I think he was running fast and I was so excited my camera shook a bit. Good shot of him, though. Here are some more runners in the race.
Here he comes!!!
   Nathaniel was happy with his race since he shaved off some time from his last race and made it over the finish line.....Here is a picture of him coming in... It was a great time. We hope to see Nathaniel race again... Everyone did a good job and I inspire others to get physically fit... I went home and worked in my garden and took a nap.. That counts...right?                                                                         


  1. Great shots of Nathaniel's race! He had a fabulous day to run!

  2. Congrats to Nathaniel for beating his record! I can see why the photos might be a little blurry Connie. You need to run along beside him and take the shot ... lol.