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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nature's Bounty

   My husband's sister, Bette, and her husband, Tommy have a lovely garden in Phippsburg. They invited us to "raid" it this past week. So we drove down with our basket and filled it with goodies.
Lovely garden in Phippsburg...
   The garden is quite big with tomato plants, squash, beans, zucchini, beets, and more. Their garden is an inspiration  for us to start one next year. We won't plant one quite as big, but hope to have many of the vegetables that they have grown.  Tommy has been giving us planting tips especially on the tomatoes which looked fabulous. We ate the beans and while they were cooking our kitchen was filled with the scent of summer. We all loved it. We are so thankful for having such generous relatives. Thanks Bette and Tommy!    

The beans were great with dinner.
The tomatoes were huge!
Beautiful views from their garden in Phippsburg.

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  1. What beautiful views! I bet you enjoyed all those wonderful fresh vegetables. Very generous of them to share with you :-)