Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Working Like a Dog!

Covered notepads
  My sister's and I have been wicked busy making items for the upcoming Italian Heritage Center Fair on June 9th and 10th in Portland, Maine.
  I just finished these folio like notepad covers. I used Graphic 45 paper. A small magnet closes the front. I made about 5 of these.
  This is our first craft fair so we really aren't sure what people are looking for in paper crafts.

Mickey Mouse birthday card
   This card was so fun to make since I am a Disney person. I have some Mickey paper in my stash. I also used a die cut I bought in Florida of the fairy godmother.  I will have to look to see who makes this die cut.

For Aunt Linda

   In the midst of all this fun work, I had to make a sympathy card for my Aunt Linda. My Uncle Myron passed away. He was my mother's brother and was the nicest man. He struggled with diabetes for years. I shall miss thinking of him in Small Point taking care of Head Beach and his campgrounds.

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   I started making these block cards. I had not made these before . They are super easy and so cute. I made this one to sell for a boy. The little boy stamps are from Stampin Up. The paper is from Graphic 45. I used the little picture of a baby from this collection.
   These cards fold flat so they can fit into an envelope. If you think you would like to make one, here is the link to the tutorial:
Block Step Card Tutorial

  I made a baby girl one out of pink paper with about the same idea for embellishments.

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   My dear husband has been helping us with displays for our craft table. He made these two card holders to set on the top of the table. They are perfect for our specialty cards. He also made a book case that holds our card in the box cards and other box like cards. Our table is going to look awesome.
  Once we have finished setting it up, I will post pictures. Thanks, Dear!!

In the boot

  Up date on my foot surgery. The doctor said I was doing really well and put me in a walking boot. I have about one more week and then I can get rid of the knee walker and just use the boot. Two weeks after that I can use a shoe.. Amen!
  It has been alot harder than I thought it would be. Your feet are very important to have healthy. I miss working in my garden, but will be out there pulling weeds soon.
  Happy Spring!


  1. The Folio note cards are so pretty! You have to be in shape for the Craft Fair! It should be fun!

  2. You and your sisters always amaze me with your projects! Those covered notepads are stunning!


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